Jun 15, 2016

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The External Practice of the Druid

Experiencing Nature Walks. (Photo credit: wilderness.org)

Experiencing Nature Walks. (Photo credit: wilderness.org)

Last time that I spoke about druidry, I mentioned the internal way that we experience and further our beliefs. Today, I want to share a more external method for exercising the belief of a druid. Not only will it bring you closer to nature, but it will benefit your health and mind!

Remaining in constant connection with nature helps us to shut out the distractions of modern life. By experiencing the earth, the sky and weather, we can take ourselves out of whatever we’re doing and to exist in just that moment. We should take several moments throughout the day to ask ourselves what we’re feeling or experiencing in the moment. What does the ground look like, feel like? What is the sky like, what do the clouds look like? Is it sunny? Over cast? What is the temperature like today?

Live in the now and take the time to appreciate that you exist with your loved ones in this specific moment. Take time to relate your cherished memories with the seasons surrounding them. Remember times with friends in bright, sunny summer weather. Think back to holidays with your family in the wintry months. Make new memories by experiencing nature along with loved ones.

The best way that you can take this journey is by going on actual journeys. Go on walks or hikes and take careful note of your surroundings. Use your eyes and ears to really take in nature. Refer to my internal practice post so that you can let the moment sink down into your spirit.


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