Spell Hub Platform

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Platform Description

The purpose of the platform is to connect occult practitioners with each other to help practice their skills all while maintaining their anonymity. Although there are many practitioners who have come out of the broom closet, society in general is not usually supportive of individuals who follow a different calling. In addition, many areas of the world outright prohibit occult practices – including being punishable by death for both the practitioner and the seeker.

The Spell Hub platform is designed to connect practitioners and seekers through an anonymous interface – allowing seekers to search out the services they desire without threat of retribution, and practitioners the ability to assist seekers without fear of being implicated. In addition, it uses the power of numbers to increase the likelihood of a successful request being fulfilled.

Seekers and practitioners are never identified to each other and all interactions on the site are anonymous. All requests and responses are scrubbed of any personally identifiable information.

Seekers can post anonymous requests onto the platform for practitioners to assist with. If the seekers are seeking feedback (such as a reading), they can sign up for a confidential account.

Practitioners can provide their services for the seekers without registering. However, if the practitioner wishes feedback and a chance to earn karma points, they can confidentially register on the site to allow them to track their feedback.

All requests are public so any practitioner can participate, but any responses are private and visible only to the initial requester if they have registered an account.

New and anonymous users are only allowed to post requests and participate a limited number of times per day, but those who are valuable contributors will be allowed to increase their daily posting and responding limit.

Once the service has been rendered the Seeker is requested to send a token of their appreciation (a donation) to the platform. Depending on the results, the seeker can choose the size and magnitude of the donation. Remember, the practitioners have spent energy helping you in your request, it is only fair that this energy is traded for the same. Building up too much negative karma is never a good thing.

The donations which are received are distributed to the registered practitioners who participated in helping fulfill the request. Once a practitioner has received enough positive feedback, has an account in good standing for a long enough time, and has earned enough “karma points” from donations given by the seekers, they will be eligible to exchange portions of the karma for a monetary value deposited into a pay-pal account.

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