Jan 15, 2016

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Dione Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defense – Part II


Lake_Titicaca_on_the_Andes_from_Bolivia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of us are fairly oblivious to anything other than the visible, tangible world around us. This is all to the good. Our inability to see the unseen protects us. However, there are times when that protection lessens, and we become vulnerable.

According to Dion Fortune, there are four ways that a person can become vulnerable to psychic attack. The first way is to be in a place in which unseen forces are concentrated. The second is to come into contact with someone who is manipulating these forces. The third is to come into contact with the unseen yourself, – either through experimentation with the occult or through a natural psychic ability – and get in over your head. The fourth way to become vulnerable to psychic attack is to have some sort of pre-disposing mental or physical condition.

There are many places in which unseen forces can be concentrated. For example, the ruins of an ancient temple might retain some of the energy from years of rituals performed there. There are certain old graveyards that may contain more than just reminders of our own mortality. Some places are naturally teeming with the unseen, such as Lake Titicaca. Sites like Glastonbury are both naturally otherworldly and pulsing with the energy of ancient ceremonies. Only the most heavily insulated would fail to sense even a little of the intensity of these locations.

People who handle unseen forces are not always easy to spot. None of the practitioners I know dress like Endora in “Bewitched”. Some people handle the unseen without even realizing it. Just as there are natural born psychics who wouldn’t dream of attacking anyone, there are some natural born psychics who would think it’s a fine idea. Such individuals would be quite capable of lashing out on the astral level without even realizing they were doing it.

The disorders on the neurosis spectrum are examples of the mental climate that may render someone vulnerable to a psychic attack. Physical examples include any condition that produces delirium. The phrase “kick ‘em while they’re down” comes to mind here.

A definitive psychic attack, the kind that is strong enough to be noticed, usually produces characteristic dreams. The affected sleeper may feel as if a weight was on his chest, as though someone were kneeling on him. The victim will most likely feel oppressed and afraid. The sleeper may experience the phenomenon of repercussion, wherein what happens on the astral is reflected in the physical. In other words, a dream fight may produce real bruises.

To be continued…

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