Nov 27, 2015

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Walking Among Spirits: Conclusion

English: Denver's Cheesman Park in the winter.

English: Denver’s Cheesman Park in the winter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent some time wandering this cold landscape on my own, ignoring the physical presence of others and instead focusing on the unseen. What I felt were eyes. Some of them judging and angry. Others were pleading for me to look at them. What may have been mildly disturbing was the fact that these entities far outnumbered their physical counterparts.

By 11 pm I returned. As always, I write my experiences down. I have a large collection of notebooks that detail only what happened in Cheesman Park. Without ever showing these notebooks to anyone, I visit the park in person and ask people if they ever had weird feelings about the place.

Most commonly I hear that if they lie down, it sometimes feels like they want to take a nap or that it’s difficult to get back up. Not like someone’s holding them down, but like they don’t have the strength to get back up. A lot of parents say that when they watch their kids play at Cheesman, that sometimes they see an odd child playing by itself. When they look back, the child is gone. Other records have stated that there is a woman who sings at sunset. So many people tell me similar stories about their visits to Cheesman Park without ever considering the significance of the park’s location.

The park was originally a cemetery back when Denver was barely a town. Over 320 acres were dedicated to the final resting place for the citizens. Largely, the population contained vagrants, outlaws and the impoverished. When small pox broke out, it became a dumping ground for the diseased. As time went by, the cemetery fell to the wayside and people found it to be an ugly blight on their growing city. The township demanded the cemetery become a park. Once the bill passed, the town had to transport the remains to other cemeteries before the park could become a reality.

A shoddy undertaker had over 3,000 bodies to move and found the easiest (and cheapest) way to get the work done was by cutting the remains into small pieces and filling children’s coffins with them for easier transportation. When the city found out about this, they fired him on the spot, yet they didn’t hire a new undertaker. Instead they decided to build over it. More than 2,000 bodies remain under the beautiful Cheesman Park. It’s no wonder people get such a spooky feeling when they visit it.

I’m excited to see what my ritual reveals this year. My goal is to speak with one of the entities. Perhaps the ones who I can feel are begging for my attention. Maybe I’ll even report back here and let you all know how it went.

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