Nov 25, 2015

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Meet the Druid: First Step

Meditating in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, ...

Meditating in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After meditating on what would be a good first exercise concerning druidry, I have determined that this will be a fitting conclusion to my series about the druid path. This is a basic practice and may seem familiar to some that already explore alternate paths in spirituality. All you will need to proceed is a little time and your journal.

I want you to write down the day, date, time and what the weather is currently like. Title this page “Exploring the Druid Archetype.” After you have expressly set your intent, you will need to sit in a comfortable position. Using a visualization, set up a comforting scene. You may not actually be able to see this scene, but if you can feel it, or you become absorbed in your visualization then you are on the correct path.

Imagine yourself as connecting the earth and the sky. You have a current of energy passing through your body. It is up to you to help the energy flow in a straight and natural line. Now, adjust your posture and place your feet on the earth with your head facing forward. Pay attention to your breathing, listen to the passage of your breath moving in and out of your lungs.

Focus on your entire torso and how breathing affects your body. Feel your ribcage expand. Feel the air passing through your nostrils. Listen to your heart beat and move with your blood rushing through your veins. As you become one with your body’s passive functions, you may feel your eyes close. Let them. Your muscles will relax. You have reached a point where you are present in the physical world, yet turning inward to yourself.

Think back on the energy currents flowing through you. Imagine them as a vibrant blue shield that protects you, allowing you to relax even deeper. Remember your intent: “This exercise is to explore the druid archetype.”

Now take the word druid and let it echo in your mind. Let the word bounce across the expanse of your internal landscape. Let the image of the druid come to you, don’t seek it out. If the druid appears as an image, study it. If the druid comes in the form of feeling or impression, explore it. The druid will tell you what you need to know, but you need to define what you’re experiencing. Does it make you feel calm? Does it fill you full of energy? Do you feel the druid’s wisdom? Has the druid come as a friend, a teacher, a protector or a challenger? Dwell on this until you can determine these things. When you have completed this meditation, say goodbye to your druid and bring yourself back to the physical realm. Once you have grounded yourself, write down all the impressions your experience left you with.

After writing these notes down, compare them to the traits of druid that we examined. Do your notes line up with anything there? Perhaps traits you see in yourself or traits you want to develop. Your notes may show you how you relate to the druid or aspirations for your future self. Meditate on your notes and what you would like to experience on the druid’s path.

This is your first real step to discovering the big secret that druid’s learn through their practices.

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