Dec 17, 2015

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Vashikaran Magick: Learn The Dark Mantras of Subjugation (Mantra Magick Series) (Volume 1)

What you are about to learn right now is rather obscure. In fact, there is only one other book written on this particular topic. It’s a hidden side of an otherwise popular spiritual practice. What you will learn is the Dark Mantras of Subjugation called Vashikaran. I call them dark because they are meant to “subjugate” or “command” people and events to your will. Often mantras are associated with pure and spiritual practices. We use mantras to achieve altered states of consciousness, We use them to attract divine blessings. Seldom do we hear about people using mantras to control another person or persons. That kind of thing was relegated to black magick and witchcraft here in the west. But is it truly black magic? Is there actually such a thing as white and black magick in the eastern traditions? Or perhaps we , in the west interpret these things in stark black and white terms? In this book, we will discuss the Vashikaran Mantras and their dark powers

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