Jun 10, 2016

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The Faeries’ Oracle – The Faery Godmother

The Faery Godmother. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

The Faery Godmother. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

Often, we feel that we don’t deserve fortune. Whether we feel humble or down on ourselves, everyone would agree that they’re not “deserving” of anything truly good in their lives. We’ll work hard for progress or success, but we don’t ever expect it to fall into our laps. That sort of thing exists in fairy tales, not in reality.

Today, though, I want to express that fortune belongs to everyone. We don’t have to feel worthy or unworthy to experience good tidings. Sairie, the Faery Godmother, is proof of that claim. You can view this Faery Godmother as the faery of grace. She bestows us with the simple elegance and dignity that we have deep down in us during our times of stress or hardship. When we feel that we’re experiencing the ill will of the world, the Faery Godmother protects us from pain. When we feel that we’re forced into a position without options, the Faery Godmother opens up doors.

Her lessons differ from other faeries by adding a touch of love and understanding that help us to learn from her faster. Love is the basis of the Faery Godmother’s magick and she uses that love to give us opportunities, good fortune and grace when we feel like we’re undeserving. When good things happen, either by chance or by a string of unseen consequences, that is Sairie telling us that, no matter how we feel about ourselves, we are loved.

Sairie often guides us through others. When you’re having a difficult day, and someone holds the door open for you or otherwise shows an act of kindness, we find ourselves smiling and feeling better. Putting in hard work without any incentive or commendation can wear down on us, but when your work ethic gets noticed and you find yourself with a raise or new position, that’s Sairie telling you that she’s noticed all along.

We can share in the Faery Godmother’s work by showing love and kindness to others. Sairie doesn’t guide us through help alone, but also in how we treat each other. Something that I like to do when I go grocery shopping is buy a small piece of chocolate for my cashier. When I think of the typical retail atmosphere along with life in general being difficult, I feel that a little chocolate would brighten anyone’s day and let people know that I think about them.

Don’t ever feel like you don’t deserve peace and grace. If you do, the Faery Godmother may be intending to pay you a visit soon to help you see things differently.

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