Jun 8, 2016

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The Internal Practice of the Druid

The Abduction of Europa. (Photo credit: wikipedia)

The Abduction of Europa. (Photo credit: wikipedia)

It’s been a while since I shared anything concerning druidry. I realized this as I exercised my belief in druidry the other day, funnily enough. It had to do with the internal path within ourselves, leading me to the conclusion that so much of what we do is solitary and steeped in self-exploration and coming to personal truths.

There isn’t really a “book” to follow like other beliefs or religions. A lot of what the druid learns and identifies with comes from experiences in nature. That means that we essentially write our own books and read them with our hearts and minds.

One thing that I can share is working to connect with the truths and spirit of the magical Celtic current. This method is best achieved by the magic of folklore and legend, extending your senses to feel how these stories came to be, why were they told, what was the context, who told them and so on. Immerse yourself in the rich background of mythology rather than just enjoy a story for entertainment purposes. Don’t look to just explore a story, put it away or get distracted while you read it. The goal is to put yourself in the mindset of the storyteller, experiencing everything as it happens around.

Through exploring these myths, we study and visualize the stories before learning truths from them. In every legend lies some truth or reason for the story. By putting ourselves deep in the rich history of cultural tales, we learn the laws, the truths and the values that should be applied to life. In turn, we are able to reflect on the lesson, exercise our imaginations and enhance our curiosity. We can then turn this toward ourselves, or toward our experiences with nature, adding pages to our personal books on what it means to be a druid.

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