Jun 3, 2016

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Spearmint, Bergamot, Coriander and Basil Bath Salt Recipe

I have some relaxing bath salts that I like to use before meditating or projecting, but I wanted to share a recipe for salts that I use to bounce back afterward. These help to reinvigorate me and reflect on my internal journeys. The mixture for these bath salts involve mint, balanced with coriander, basil and bergamot. The familiarity of the mint combined with the earthy herbs helps to keep the mind alert, but grounded.

I feel that sharing this recipe brings a nice conclusion to my little series on meditation and astral projection. Rather than helping you to relax before practicing, I want to bring you something that will bring your experience to a comforting close. Enjoy your soak with bath salts that will promote a reflective state and bring you back to reality slowly.

Bath salts are perfect for relaxation. (Photo credit: windrifthill.com)

Bath salts are perfect for relaxation. (Photo credit: windrifthill.com)


1 cup of fine sea salt

30 drops coriander essential oil

10 drops basil essential oil

5 drops spearmint essential oil

20 drops bergamot essential oil

Place your salt in a bowl, adding the essential oils drop by drop and stirring your mixture with a chopstick to guarantee an even mix of the salt and oils. Move the mixture from the bowl to a mason jar. Tightly twist the lid to the jar and let your bath salts sit for a week to allow the fragrance to bloom and be absorbed by the salt. The end result should be enough bath salts for two baths.


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