Jun 1, 2016

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Astral Projection and You III

Astral projection. (Photo credit: shutterstock)

Astral projection. (Photo credit: shutterstock)

Today, I’ll describe somewhere that I like to meditate to so that you can make a safe place, too.

If you tried my previous meditations to induce astral projection, you might be wondering where you’re supposed to project to. Though the astral plane holds something different for each of us, a native American friend of mine told me of his method, and I use it. He explains the following process as creating a temporary plane, separate and safe, to explore until you’ve got your astral legs.

As I float up out of my body, I imagine that I float right up through the ground of an imaginary forest. I’m sitting. Meditating. My eyes are closed. I can hear the birds chirping. I am aware of a soft breeze. Everything is as it should be.

Slowly, I become aware of a large tree at my back. I’m up against it. No one can sneak up on me. I hear water. I open my eyes. Before me, is a small pond with a tiny waterfall burbling out of the Cliffside behind it. The water seems to flow into yet another underground river, this pond being an ever-renewing source of fresh, pure love.

I allow my eyes to adjust. There is a path ahead of me, winding around the lake and out of view. It stretches far in both directions. I see the trees around me. I follow the path to a meadow, just beyond the forest line. There, I watch whatever animals are there for the day. They eat, play and sometimes notice me.

Once, I made a fox friend. He followed me back to the pond and showed me a quiet cave just to the west of it. He watched as I cleared the large, flat stone in the center, and I meditated on the stone. Meditating from my astrally-projected body is one of the most powerful things I have ever experienced.

I open my eyes, still in my safe place. I begin to walk about, the fox sees me and then trots back to the meadow. I walk back to my tree, which I meditated in front of earlier, and I lie down. As I lie down, I fit back into my physical body and the world fades from around me, there for me to return to whenever I need.

I hope this has helped everyone here, and thank you to my friend for prompting this amazing series. It’s been a pleasure.

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