May 30, 2016

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Astral Projection and You II

Astral projection. (Photo credit: shutterstock)

Astral projection. (Photo credit: shutterstock)

This astral projection method is one that I intuitively learned and later discovered is a somewhat common method. It is more gentle, but as water can be both gentle and powerful, that does not mean that it is weaker.

Lie down on your back and relax. Meditate until you feel like you are floating and have entered the trance state as described in the previous post.

When you are no longer aware of your body or bed/floor/ground, you are ready.

Lift your right astral arm up, visualizing it and imagining it. Don’t feel as though imagining it is “cheating,” because even eastern medicine (whose understanding of energy has created wonders like acupuncture), acknowledges that your energy flows where you imagine it.

Next, lift your left astral arm up. Once you have imagined both lifted, touch your face with them, and touch your astral hands together. Imagine this until you have realized it fully.

Do the same with each leg and foot (sans face touching) and then imagine that your entire astral body is floating out of your physical body. Focus on this for a long time. Repeat this exercise until it comes easy for you. Eventually, astral projection will come.

When you are ready to return to your body, imagine yourself sinking down, homing in on your body, wherever it is. You should fall right back in. No issue.

Some folks do this same thing, except that they imagine a golden cord above their body to pull themselves into the astral plane with once they’re separate from their bodies. This cord provides these people with a safer route back to their body, from their perspective, and they follow it back, climbing down if necessary. They then remove the cord so nothing else can enter.

You will eventually find your own way, but try both of these at least ten times (each on a separate day) to see if they will start to work for you.

I can’t tell you what to imagine once you enter the astral plane, but I’ll describe one of my “safe places” in the next post so that you can draw inspiration from it.

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