May 11, 2016

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Astral Projection and You

Astral projection. (Photo credit: shutterstock)

Astral projection. (Photo credit: shutterstock)

By request of a friend, whose contact information and email I shall keep quiet by personal request, I am posting a guide to astral project. This isn’t how I do it, but it’s how I was taught, and I’m sure that each one of you can find your own ways.

Be aware that astral projection takes place when the part of your consciousness that some would call your soul leaves your body. It is different from the trance state of remote viewing. It will feel strange, odd and be very difficult. If you do not seriously wish to project, your hesitation will keep you within your own body. Achieving the first few projections is the hardest part.

Find a comfortable position and meditate until you are so relaxed that you can no longer feel your body. This is a similar trance state from which some remote view from. Stay in this state for some time.

Visualize your energetic body, your soul, your astral body – whatever makes sense – inside your physical body, being held in place by your seven chakras. (If you are unfamiliar with chakras, remedy this first.) Your chakras should be spinning, as you will learn as you read more about them.

Stop each of your chakras, so that they do not move. This may take some time to achieve. Next, turn each as though you would open a door knob, imagining the path to leaving your body opening with each turn.

Focus on leaving your body, imagining that your chakra doors have opening to facilitate this. Place mental stops beneath your chakra “doors” so that nothing can take your place.

Imagine yourself going up, out, in or whatever direction makes sense for the astral plane. When you have finished the experience, imagine your body beeping, like a homing beacon. Follow the noise back until you have found your body. This sound will become comforting in time.

Gradually place yourself back in your body, remove the stops, close the “doors” and start your chakras spinning again, one by one, to hold you in place. (This isn’t actually needed to hold you in place, but it makes each time after much easier, the more you do it.)

The more I think about the post, the more I feel that I should do a second post with a second method, more similar to my own. Some say it isn’t as strong, but for me, I’m able to have greater success with it.


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