May 9, 2016

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Aromatherapy Through Cooking

Combining aromatherapy with cooking. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Combining aromatherapy with cooking. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

One of my favorite things about food has to do with the aroma. Through aroma, we can perfectly recreate the memory of taste. If you catch a whiff of your favorite food, you instantly remember how good it tastes and the warm memories of who you were eating with, when you ate it and where you were. Our sense of smell attaches directly to our brain’s center of emotion, memory and taste, bringing the three together for powerful memories as well as being able to imprint long-lasting events into our minds.

Natural essences come in a variety of substances. We might use the rinds of citrus fruits to embolden our dishes. Roots like ginger build complex aroma profiles. Sandalwood or cedarwood also bring exotic scents to food, which build lasting imprints of a meal. Of course mint, basil and thyme add to a meal’s flavor, while bringing distinct aromas to the table as well. The different ways to enhance food through natural essences helps any cook create remarkable and memorable dishes for their loved ones.

The use of these scents combined with food creates a special brand of aromatherapy. Using aroma to enhance a meal creates an emotional response and better sets the mood the moment that you set the table.

I’ll be going through a few aroma-based recipes that will help to bring out not only the flavor in your food, but the powerful emotions that come with aromatherapy. I feel that the benefits of aromatherapy along with the joy of sharing a meal with others brings out the best of both worlds and makes for a spiritually uplifting experience.

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