May 2, 2016

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A Traditional Approach to Tarot III


Magic circle. (Photo credit: wikipedia)

Magic circle. (Photo credit: wikipedia)

As usual, I like to update everyone here on this blog when my friends email me their questions or the results of our conversations. My friend who had asked about a tarot binding ceremony emailed me recently to tell me how their ritual went. I think everyone will love hearing what happened:


I just wanted to thank you for the advice on a ritual for my tarot deck. I followed your advice and I had an amazing experience!

Since I know that you posted the discussion, I thought that your readers would enjoy hearing about what your wisdom led to, as well.

As you know, I don’t live in a mystic grove, so I chose to do the ritual in the back of my deck (so no one would see me), in the dark of night. At first, it felt hokey. I laid everything out, put on something warm and set up.

After calling in the directions, though… I meditated. Sitting there in my circle of power, with my cards in front of me and the moon above me, I meditated. And I had the most profound experience of meditative history. (I guess that isn’t saying much, because I’ve only meditated with limited success.)

I imagined that I was in a beautiful grove of trees, sitting on grass (instead of plastic boards), looking out into the night sky, holding my cards. I projected my intentions of a good relationship with the cards to the universe…. And it responded.

I don’t know if I was talking to myself or actually to the universe, but that doesn’t change how profound it was for me. I was told that, by employing my imagination and by contacting a close friend, I showed that I truly respected my oracle (*this is what the voice called my cards) and that this would pay off well. I was congratulated for my dedication and told to return to the grove “when ready” for further communication.

The voice left and I remained “in” the grove for some time, hoping it would return. It didn’t, but I didn’t need it to, really. It was amazing. I’ve never done anything other than let my thoughts wander in meditation before, so this was huge.

After I “came out” of the meditation, I felt surreal. As if moving through cotton, I closed the circle, blew out my candle, collected my things and walked around my deck to sit in my very mundane bedroom and go to bed.

My cards now seem to transport me beyond the mundane, to the magical. It’s wonderful. And I believe that, given that our conversation was mentioned, this is largely a part of your doing. For that, I owe you a thanks.”

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