Apr 30, 2016

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What are Magick Circles?

A circle of protection. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

A circle of protection. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

When we perform any kind of ritual, we like to feel safe and know that whatever our ritual entails, we will not experience any negative energy or influence. We often call these safe areascircles.” But what is a circle? Different branches of practice have different types of circles. It all depends on the work that you are performing or the ritual that you are undertaking. At the most basic level of understanding, a circle is how you establish your connection to the energies that move through you and direct them into your craft for better success.

We can liken a circle to our own meditation or when we set our intentions. Internally, we are clearing our minds of clutter and distraction. We set aside our secular anxieties to focus on our spiritual selves. Here in our meditations, we put our energy into things unseen in an attempt to connect ourselves to them. Whether we’re trying to connect to the energy of the universe, the spiritual plane or just our own internal energy, we have to keep our minds free of distraction and guide our intentions.

A physical circle, like our meditative “inner circle,” is that same safe place for us to direct energy into what we are focused on. Rather than working through your mind and spirit, however, a physical circle is a large space where you combine the physical and spiritual realms together. Outside of your circle is the mundane reality, while inside is the focused energy of the spiritual reality. It is here in your circle that energy binds together rather than disperse all around. Imagine it like a magnifying glass catching sunlight and harnessing it into a powerful beam.

The circle, through any system of belief, is a powerful tool for protection as well as a focal point for your magick. With an established circle, you can safely practice as well as benefit from a spiritual boost in energy and focus.

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