Apr 22, 2016

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The Faeries’ Oracle – The Bright Mother


The Bright Mother. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

The Bright Mother. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

My experience with the Faeries’ Oracle today filled me with excitement. Everything about this Faery brings to mind the spring and bountiful days ahead that lead into a wonderful summer. Today’s Faery is the Bright Mother. She represents life in all its joys and sorrows. She revels in the joy of new things, devotion and happiness. She’s there during death, heartaches and confusion. In all things, she represents the mother that looks after her children.


The Bright Mother is described as being pregnant with the possibilities that the future holds. The Bright Mother nurtures us in all new areas of our life while challenging us to help us to grow. Nothing she does is ever to our expectation, yet at the same time, things proceed naturally and logically. We can liken it to a mother being pregnant, knowing that around nine months, her child will come. Sometimes it’s a few weeks soon or a few weeks late, never when she exactly expects it to occur. The Bright Mother’s patience knows no bounds and she allows things to take as long as they are supposed to.

For me, this is important. I love to garden and pay astute attention to nature and its processes. Those who garden tend to get myopic, wanting things to grow on their own time table. Learning to be nurturing and patient helps us to keep things in perspective. We can’t force anything to grow just as the Bright Mother knows she can’t force us to grow. We all take our time in learning, growing and loving.

On a deeper level, this Faery helps us to find our own inner Bright Mother. She wants us to be like her in how we help others to grow or heal. We need to take time to nurture others, to teach and to listen. We need to take a step back and learn to look at life objectively, find the problem areas and approach them with love and consideration. With a clear head and calm heart, nothing will prevent us from moving in the direction we’re meant to go in.

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