Apr 15, 2016

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Faeries’ Oracle – Taitin the Sylph

Normally, I talk about the faeries that I encounter when I do single-card drawings for myself. I meditate on the picture and then read the entry in the companion book. Today, however, I feel like I have made real contact with one of the Faery.

Taitin the Sylph. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

Taitin the Sylph. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

I enjoy the liveliness of spring and, lately, have been running around my property getting things going. I do things a certain way each year, but this year I was struck by sudden impulse and inspiration. I have big plans for how I will embrace spring and make the most of the season. I attribute this all to Taitin the Sylph.

We’ve been over slyphs with our elemental magick series, and Taitin the Sylph embodies what we’ve already learned. She’s all over the place, trying to learn as much as she can and inciting everyone to ask the big questions and find even bigger answers. She’s capable of using faery dust to spark our imaginations and the get the wheels of our minds turning, but she’s far happier just being around people and seeing what they come up with on their own.

Taitin encompasses quick wit and intellect. Her favorite groups of people are teenagers and college students because no matter how ridiculous an idea might seem, they consider it seriously and discuss it at length. She doesn’t need logical solutions to everything, she just wants creativity and ideas.

When visited by Taitin, the thing to remember is that she knows that you have great ideas, even if you think that you don’t. Embrace the silly or implausible thoughts and find a way to form them into something that could work. Taitin provides us with the effervescent atmosphere needed for these ideas to take flight, don’t let her presence go to waste or your ideas fly off with her without getting them grounded.

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