Apr 13, 2016

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Sun Greeting Ritual

Now that the weather is becoming more hospitable to the spring, I would like to share a morning ritual with everyone. This is a short, simple ritual that helps to charge up your batteries in the morning while giving the sun our love and acknowledgement.

Morning Yoga to greet the sun. (Photo credit: wikipedia)

Morning Yoga to greet the sun. (Photo credit: wikipedia)


From where you live, find the exact time of the sunrise and be ready ten minutes early. In the waning darkness of the morning, stand facing the east and get a clear view of the horizon. For this time of year, I like to present the scents of lemon thyme and frankincense to the sun, in accordance with spring. Use a quartz crystal to catch the first glinting rays of the same and allow them to reflect onto your eyes.

Now it is time to reflect your own mind onto the sun and the morning. Listen intently to the sounds around you. Hear the “morning sounds” of animals or people greeting the day in their own way. Feel the temperature change as the sun crests the horizon. Look to see the colors of the sky change around you.

I like to take this time to meditate and set my intentions for the day. The great thing about greeting the dawn is that there are so many different ways to pay your respects to the sun. Some people do yoga with the sunrise. Others go for morning jogs or hit short workouts to wake up more fully. For more Eastern practitioners, they use Tai Chi or Qi Gong early in the morning to get their energy at its peak. Some people just like to sit by the window and drink coffee or eat their breakfast in quiet. Almost everyone has their own little morning ritual that binds to the rising of the sun.

I hope this ritual brings you clarity for the day and helps set your intentions so that you have the day that you deserve.

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