Apr 11, 2016

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“New” Haunted House in Hull, East Yorks

Haunted house in Lancashire. (Photo credit: bbc.co.uk)

Haunted house in Lancashire. (Photo credit: bbc.co.uk)

One of my passions in life revolves around hauntings and occupied buildings. Here in my state of Colorado, I have visited dozens of haunted locations just to learn about what really goes on inside. My pursuit also keeps me in the loop with other haunted places around the world and what investigators find when they visit these areas.

A “new” haunt has captured the attention of investigators in Hull, East Yorks, Great Britain, and it has recently made news in the Sun. A house that has survived since the 17th century was and still is a children’s home, though no one has formally lived in it since 2007. When it was first built, it had been a hospital for terminally ill children. Today, those children remain.

The current owner of the home hasn’t lived there for nearly a decade and can’t find any tenants who manage to stay longer than a week. From passers-by to potential renters, the house scares everyone off. Patrolling officers have admitted to seeing people in the windows of the seven-bedroom house, entering the building to chase them off the property, only to find the building empty. Trash collectors refuse to pick up garbage nearby the property because of the things that they have seen. Contractors and decorators hired by the owner to fix up the building turn down being paid because they feel that they can’t continue working there.

The owner of the home had lived there for many years on his own and had become accustomed to the strangeness. The only reason he left is due to his partner, who was pregnant at the time, because she refused to raise a child in the home. Now the building is the newest hot spot for paranormal investigators. Several groups have been through the home and have reported events such as balls being thrown about, people having their hair touched and hands tightening around their throats.

It’s exciting to hear of a new popular place with so much activity. The abundance of attention that it has received hasn’t changed the events that take place. The owner stated in one interview that he plans on opening the building to the public for everyone to experience what he, and others, have. It would be absolutely amazing to visit this home.

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