Apr 6, 2016

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04/06/2016 Priestess Akelta Interview

Priestest Akelta

Priestest Akelta

Today I bring you something from the dark side.

I am blessed to be interviewing Priestess Akelta Wilde today. She is a member of the coven from the Satan and Son’s Website.

She began her magickal journey at the young age of 6 years when she discovered that she came from a long line of spell casters and witches. She has worked side by side with demons and the Dark Lords for many years, conjuring her first incubus at the age of 15 and working many years to develop her skills and talents.

Q: Tell me a little bit on how Satan and Son’s came about?

A: I always had a goal that I wanted to share my journey with demons with the rest of the world and also change the world’s perception on them.  That has always been a goal of mine.  I have spent my whole life around demons, I knew about them before I knew about paths like Theistic Satanism and Demonolatry.  I knew the demons were around me and guiding me and it was such an incredible and beautiful experience and I met some other people who had shared similar experience but they didn’t feel comfortable talking about it.  The perceptions of demons in the world is very negative, but, from my experiences with them,  even from a young child, was that yes they are dark, but they are not these evil, nefarious, baby killing, monsters that are portrayed by the media.

I read everything I could on them and educated myself as much as I could.  I met many beautiful people along the way including a mentor who guided me and helped me open up my abilities and learn the skills I have now.  My entire life really did revolve around demons.  My Great Grandmother was also inspirational, she was a witch and she had some amazing abilities.  She also is the reason I have my first demon Companion, My Son of Satan V. He was her demon

I wanted to challenge this perception and share what I do.  I just really had no idea how that vision was going to evolve.  I did start an online presence through the form of a website. Which was Black Magic Secrets but it was not as interactive as I was hoping for.  I partnered with a former member of the coven (though we have since parted ways) and through our collaboration Satan and Suns/Son’s was formed.  It started off as a personal project to share our love of demons and working with them.  It evolved a lot since then and now is a safe space for people on all paths to share their Journey and their experiences with Demons and Demon Companions.

Q: There seems to be a prevailing misconception among many in the occult community that all Demons are black magick, dark, and bad/evil. From your experience, why isn’t this the case?  

A:  Demons are dark, they have a darker energy to them, they also are very open and shameless and in our society that is more religiously orientated that can cause some conflicting views, though a lot of what is written about them I have never experienced personally.

Demons though they are dark, they believe in empowerment and freeing us from limiting beliefs.  One of the reason I think they are seen as tormentors is they make us face sides about ourselves we often don’t want to see.  Anyone who has done shadow work and worked at freeing themselves from traumatic beliefs or societal beliefs will tell you that breaking those patterns can be painful.  Demons will instigate this healing but they will walk with you through those dark places and stay with you.  They are the ultimate guides of shadow work and they really just want to inspire and empower us.

Darkness is not a bad thing.  We teach children to be afraid of the dark, but once you get past your fears, you can see the beauty of the stars in the night sky.  Working with demons is the same way.  Once we get past our fears you can see the beauty and the power that they have.  They are captivating and amazing.  I can think of no other being I find working with more than Demons.  They have a huge range of emotions and a deep grasp of things and concepts of this world that even we cannot fully understand.

Q: Can you tell me one of your most positive and negative experiences working with dark energies?  

A: There are so many positives.  I have been working with Demons since I was a little girl.  Following their guidance I have literally been able to manifest and get everything that I desire.  When I sit down with them and tell them my plans and visions they do help me to get what I want.  As long as I put in my half on the work and move in the direction that they guide me, they will help me.  They challenge me to, they help me too shatter limiting beliefs that are holding me back and they help me to break away from blocks and thoughts that don’t serve me.  They really have my back, doing shadow work with demons I have gone to some of the most darkest places imaginable and they have never left my side.  They stay with you through thick and thin.  Just having them around, I find their energies very empowering and inspiring.  When I am alone or in mediation I can discuss events and situations with them and get ideas and inspiration from them.  Just being around them and having them in my life is a positive experience and I really wouldn’t want to walk this world without them.

Negative Experiences; I don’t see a lot of my experiences as negative, I see them as either benefiting, or lessons to be learned.   I did have to learn to deal with sludge entities and other predatory beings that reside in the spiritual world.  These types of beings are more like the current world view of demons though I do not define as demons.

Sludge entities are literally feeders who will target people and lock onto them to try to eat and consume their energies.  I really wouldn’t call this a negative experience for the most part as I do get to help people heal and remove these entities, though sometimes people form a symbiotic relationship with their sludge entities and that causes issues as they don’t want to let them go.  The Negative comes in because people jump into this path and working with darker beings without being properly prepared and educated.  They end up meeting a sludge who gives them what they desire but latches itself to them and consumes their energies.  They can pretend to be different demons and this also is where I think the concept of selling your soul to a demon comes from.  Demones themselves have no interest in buying your soul over 20 years of working with them and no one has ever even mentioned it.  Back to the sludge, this creates a very sad situation where the person slowly becomes more and more consumed with it as it eats away at them and their essence.  Seeing that happen is one of the worse things I have ever seen because the person is convinced they need the sludge to be happy so they cling to it.  It is impossible to remove an entity from someone who refuses to let it go. Even if you do remove the entity they will invite another one back.  It is a very sad situation that has a very sad ending.

Q: What would you say are the differences (if there are any) between working with an angelic spirit and a demonic entity?

A: I honestly believe that this question is a very personal one.   You could ask ten different occultists this and you would probably get ten different answers.   I think that has to do with our energies.  We all have energies in us that connect us to different realms and spiritual beings.  We all have strengths and I truly believe that some people are more compatible with certain beings than others.  This is why some are drawn to angels and some to demons.  I really think this is very personal to the individual, though I can tell you my experiences with them.

My energy is incompatible with some angels, which is not a bad thing. I really think that people need to seek out and explore the energy types that are beneficial for them and are aligned with their path.  That being said the Angelics I have worked with i have found the experiences to be amazing.

I find my energy though aligns more with demons.  There is a synergy to working with them, I get them, I understand them and I feel that working with them they understand me (sometimes even better then I know myself).  Angels, on the other hand, there is a surreal quality with working with them.  They seem to be more disconnected from us as humans, whereas demon’s embrace some of our darker traits without shame and they are a lot more fun. I find angels are more distant, but demons will get right in there and get their hands dirty.

I also find with angels that it is all serious, they are there, they have their message, but the interactions are colder.  Demons I can have fun with and joke around with.  My energies have always been very compatible with demonic energies.

Q: A lot of beginning occultists are afraid of working with Demons and Dark Energies because they have heard third hand horror stories. How would you suggest they overcome this fear?

A: Fear is something that we need to see it for what it is.  Really it is there to guide us and through it we can look to control it and balance it. I believe that we never truly get rid of the fear entirely and we shouldn’t, it guides us.

I do suggest though that people look into themselves and ask where this fear is coming from and find the root of it.  It might be religious upbringing (some people are afraid of demons because they are afraid of going to hell), it might be mis information or it could be from a traumatic experience.   For this you need to really follow your heart.

If you are called to demons I wouldn’t dive right in immediately without education and training.  I would research and try to get in touch with the side of myself that has that calling and ask myself why.  Then I would confront it and work with it,  healing myself along the way and freeing myself of limiting thoughts and fears.  Fear is a good marker of where you are, and it can be a great guiding force for growth and exploration of the self.  Really working with demons has taught me that many of the emotions that we see as bad are really not.  They are just guides and markers for helping us grow and move in the direction that we desire.

Q: For someone who is interested in balancing their energies they work with, where would be a good place for them to start working with darker energies?

A: Balance is key when working with darker energies, in fact I would say it is the most important thing.  I have seen well educated and incredible occultists brought down suddenly by a lack of balance.  Being able to know your limits and where your personal balance is, is very important.  The key is really knowing yourself, knowing who you are and where you are on this journey. This really is super important as the ultimate downfall of any occultist will be the unknown aspects of their subconscious mind controlling them.

I also suggest anyone who begins on this path read up on the power of the mind and subconscious mind and begin to explore by learning about themselves and really finding where their balance point is.  Some of us are lighter in nature, and others are darker, it isn’t good or bad, it is just our nature and when we are balanced in our nature we are in control of ourselves and don’t stray or stumble into dangerous regions.

I suggest reading everything you can get your hands on.  There are so many amazing authors out there that are aligned with darkness and the Left Hand Path, though I wouldn’t limit myself just to darker literature.  I would read everything on magick and the occults.  The old books like Initiation into Hermetics (Franz Bardon) can help to see where things come from.

Though, I am not a ceremonial magician and would never evoke a demon based on the old archaic rituals and practise., I am actually dead set against them and believe they are one of the reason people think demons are so dangerous.  If I was forcefully called into a circle and threatened with a blasting rod, I would attack the first chance I got to.

I am actually incredibly respectful to any being I invite to join me in sacred space in my house.  Offering them things they like, being polite, and using manners always goes a long way.  Being a conjurer I have my own rituals that I have written that are designed to honour each being I work with and make them feel comfortable and welcome in my home.

Some of my favorite books, “The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism” and “The Power of Concentration” by Theron Dumont (a pen name for William Walker Atkinson). I actually recommend all of Atkinsons books, either under his own name or all of his pen names.  These are all amazing books for building one’s spiritual foundation which is essential for working with darker energies.

Q: There tends to be a lot of animosity towards occult practitioners, even more so those who work with dark energies. How do you deal with the trolls?

You’re going to laugh, you know I have honestly never dealt with a troll.  Or maybe that is just my perception.  I really don’t see any person as asking stupid questions and I try to be genuine in everything I share.  It really hard to get under my skin.  I practise many of the skills that the demons teach me and one of them is having a thick skin and focusing my attention on what I want, not on people who are going to cut me down and tear me down.  In the end,  people are going to say things, they have their opinions and they do what they do, all I can do is control where I put my attention and my own reactions.

If someone was noticeable trolling me, I would wish them the best, and move on.  If they became destructive I would remove them. I prefer to focus on creativity, rather than drama and fighting. I like building people up and I was taught to focus on what I desire and I am very good at staying focused on my vision and the task ahead.

Q: Many people think of Demons in the Judeo-Christian sense and see fire and brimstone, but yet, some of the oldest grimoires associated with demonic workings comes to us through the workings of Solomon and Moses. Why do you think there is this lack of awareness in those communities?

A : I think it comes down to a lack of communication and people being attacked for their beliefs and ideals.  Even though we all are spiritual there is still a consensus that there is a right and a wrong way to do things.  It is sad really because instead of opening a discussion and seeing that there are many paths and that we should be sharing ideas, and having discussions,, a lot of people end up fighting and claiming authority over one field and saying that those who are not aligned with that authority are wrong.  There is a real problem of limiting information and claiming ultimate authority when really spirituality should be open for exploration so that people can find their own path.

I do agree that when people find the path that is called to them they should focus on it and if they are really called fully commit themselves to it.   That doesn’t mean we should shut down to all other areas and research, we should continue our pursuit of knowledge.  It can be amazing and inspiring talking to someone who is on a completely different path than you and hearing their perspective on things. I also believe that the combining of ideas is great and some people can learn things about themselves by listening to the views of others. I love hearing about people’s spiritual paths,  even if they are completely different than mine, and even if I don’t fully understand them. I love talking and asking questions and uncovering the mystery of their path.  I know where my speciality is, I don’t assume to know everything and sometimes it is good for growth to listen to the words of another who specializes on their path.

Q: What are your thoughts on raising a child in an occult household?

A: As a mother myself with two boys I do have thoughts on this.  Demons are a part of my life and they have been since I was a child.  I believe that children are naturally sensitive to the various energies and entities that are around them.  I know my boys see the demons that I work with and they interact with them.  I can tell based on their actions.  I do think that walking any spiritual path requires certain safeties and precautions.  This same philosophy holds especially true when children are in the house.  Spiritual forces are around us, but we all have steps we can take to ensure that we and our children are protected.

When you are going to walk a spiritual path you need to build a spiritual foundation.  You need to learn skills like shielding, grounding, warding and cleansing your space and yourself to stay safe.   These are essential for any spiritual path.  Learning these skills creates a barrier between what you are working with and your kids so you can decide who interacts with them.

Spiritual people can actually protect their children against malicious forces because they have had to go through the process of learning to protect themselves.  Just because one doesn’t believe in these forces does not mean they are not around and not influencing things.  You read cases of children who are affected and injured by sludge parasites.  Having my demons around, they protect my children and help keep them safe.  When you are prepared and grounded and have your spiritual foundation it is quite safe having children in an occult house.

Children can see spiritual and spiritual forces as they are everywhere! Some kids will report seeing the deceased and dangerous monsters, and those who work with spiritual forces know how to handle these situations and can keep these entities away from their kids.  If the children are interested in learning they can be taught how to interact safely.   There is nothing wrong with children growing up in an occult house so long as certain safeties are met.  Really though if you work with be

ings that you have formed connections with and that offer protection, as the demons I work with do, there is not a lot to worry about.

Q: What are your thoughts on devotional rituals?

A: I am a firm believer that spirituality is a very personal path.  I think whatever path you follow you should follow with all your might, but I think with spirituality your first investment has to be in yourself.  Read everything you can, build your spiritual foundation, explore the various paths, and really get a sense for your place and who you are, it’s about learning to be true to yourself.  A lot of spirituality is an awakening of the self and really exploring who we are and getting in touch with your core self.

We are taught in this world to act a certain way, we are programmed as children based on what society deems as acceptable.  Part of being on a spiritual path (and this holds very true on the Left Hand Path) is breaking free of these limiting beliefs and patterns that lock us in a state and  prevent us from living our path and our truth by embracing our full potential.  On any spiritual path I think one of the most important things is looking into yourself and awakening who you are and knowing what it is that you are aligned with.  There is nothing wrong with saying a particular path is not for us and we are more aligned to a different path.

There are so many spiritual paths and really you don’t have to follow just one.  Once you commit to one you really don’t have to follow it word for word.   I actually advise against doing things that your heart is not called to. I say if you are called to a particular path and a devotional ritual go for it.  I personally have always carved my own path and like to design my own rituals and dedications.  I worked with the demons from when I was a child and my family was very open to me working with them.   My Great Grandmother had very powerful spiritual abilities and this is really one of the things that lead me to where I am now.   This is my dedication to developing my spiritual abilities and following where my heart leads me,  which was to demons and working with them as a Demonic Priestess.  I really can say that my heart is home on this path and I actually encourage people to find their home.

Q: There are a lot of so-called dark practitioners out there selling ineffective spells. How can someone tell the difference between authentic magick and expensive shiny stones?

A: This is a very interesting question.  The first thing I would say is to listen to your gut. One thing about my gut, I have found that it is very rarely wrong, I get into trouble when I convince myself my gut is overreacting and go forward anyway.  It is good to listen to that gut intuition.

Some people you just know something is off and you should follow it. If something feels wrong, I would listen to that.  Even if the practitioner is legit, it doesn’t mean they are a good fit for you as their energies just might not align with yours.  The gut is very powerful and very good at letting us know something is wrong.

Telling if someone is authentic though is always the challenge.  If you are sensitive to energies I say connect with yourself and see what your senses say.  Sometimes they will give you warnings about people and you should listen to those warnings. Look at the items being sold and try to connect to the energies.  I have noticed this with other seller’s listings.  Some listings it is like a WAVE of energy hits me and I just know this is a powerful listing.  When you feel the energies that strongly it is a sign there is something there is calling to you.

When it comes to the practitioners, ask bunches of questions and see the replies you get.  Is this person friendly and wants to share information or are they rude and closed off?  Are they sharp with you, or do they seem to genuinely care?  Are they helping you, or are they just trying to get you to buy the next peice?  Is there a passion in their answers?  People who are passionate about their craft you can really tell, there is an essence to them and you can see it in their writing.  Look for those who are passionate about what they do, this is very important.  One who is passionate lives this, magick is a part of their life and they practise what they preach.

Next, once you get the piece, do they offer support and are they approachable? Can you ask questions? Do they provide instructions for working with the item?  These are all very important things to consider.  I would also ask around and see what other people have to say about them.  Research them and see what other people have to say.  Peer reviews go a long way.


If you are interested in learning more about Priestess Akelta Wilde and her work, please go to http://www.satanandsons.com/

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