Apr 4, 2016

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Feel Free

English: White Tulipa (If you know the exact s...

English: White Tulipa, flower of peace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend emailed me for more assistance on his current situation. I put together my thoughts, experiences and opinions last week into a small series of articles to help him with a spiritual entity. I found myself excited by receiving a new email from my friend, but quickly felt sympathy for him and people in a similar position. Below is his email:


I feel that every community and group deals with the same type of unfortunate personalities. I know that I have dealt with these kinds of people in my own life experiences. I enjoy games and gaming to a large degree and there have always been those in my circle who feel that because they dedicate more time and effort to games, that I am somehow inferior. That’s just one example among dozens and, no doubt, many of you have been through the same ordeal.

I will say that, as someone with decades of experience interacting on an emotional level with people, the best thing anyone can do for themselves is to remove people like that from your circle. People that judge you for your inexperience, lack of knowledge or “dedication” to anything are people that are cursing you with their negativity. To use myself as an example, playing a game with someone who gets mad and frustrated if I didn’t perform perfectly only made me lose focus. The same can be said for any group, but when that group deals with your personal spirituality then it often leads to hurt feelings and hindered spiritual progress.

If there are people that impose their negativity on you where your own spiritual progress is concerned, you don’t need them in your life. If they try to entice or lure you in with claims that they can teach you to be as spiritual as they are, but are still condescending and disrespectful to what you do or don’t know, they have nothing beneficial to teach. The bottom line is, you would be better off studying and learning on your own with no direction than to have the direction of bad teachers.

Which brings me to the next concern that my friend has asked for my help with…

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