Mar 25, 2016

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The Faeries’ Oracle – The Pook

The Pook. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

The Pook. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

My latest Faery encounter brings to light something that we all deal with at one point or another in our lives. We deal with it frequently, actually. Something comes along in our life that we feel absolutely must be a sign of good things to come. Everything falls together perfectly and we’re feeling really great about our situation, not even questioning our good fortune. It can happen in the reverse, as well. We feel that we have hit a dark moment in our life and nothing can get any worse than it is right now. We might feel weighed down, trying to figure out how to resolve what’s wrong in our life that’s causing so much anxiety and depression, only to feel like it’ll never get better.

The problem with both of these scenarios is that we don’t look at the big picture. We’re mired in the minute details of our situation and we don’t see the good in the bad or the bad in the good. We effectively stop using our perceptive powers to think through a situation and instead take it at face value. This often leads to us ruining a good thing because we didn’t approach with caution or not seeing that a bad situation has lessons for us to learn and grow from.

The Pook is a shape-shifter who takes it upon himself to right our thinking. He pries our eyes wide, he cracks our minds open, all to show us the reality of our situations. He uses his shape-shifting to show us something “good” so that we may realize we need to proceed carefully or he’ll present himself as something “bad” for us to realize there is good in it. It’s a confusing process to be sure, but we know it when it happens to us. We might sit there confused until it clicks. All of a sudden, we realize that our situation isn’t one way or the other and it’s all in our perceptions, which, up until this point, have been skewed.

The Pook’s goal is to wake us up from our dull senses. To help us keep our minds open when we otherwise narrow ourselves. If we are suffering from confusion, he confuses us further until we take a deep breath, think about the problem and then come back to it with a clear head. The Pook wants us to realize that life isn’t black and white and that there is no good or bad. Everything mixes and intermingles. It’s our own perceptions that create these logical fallacies and once we let them go, problems become easier to solve, we question everything and we find balance when life is up or down.

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