Mar 23, 2016

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Calling Down Dragons II


Draco Volans. (Photo credit:

Draco Volans. (Photo credit:

I called on a dragon entity one night for assistance in a dangerous astral projection experiment. Up to that point, every time I projected resulted in me being far too aware of the cord that ties my astral body to my physical body. Being aware of a thread linking you to yourself makes it unnerving to venture deeper into the astral realm and, sometimes, to even project at all. It’s an innate fear that I experience that if I let go of the awareness of that cord, I won’t be able to return to my body.


The idea of losing my physical body and not knowing what would happen to my spirit is a terrifying one. It’s kept me from getting the fullest experience out of projecting and learning about the astral realm. So on that night, I went through my whole ritual of calling a dragon to me and asking it for its power and guidance. I needed to let go of that cord and see if I really would lose myself.

My plan had been to have the dragon guide me back if anything bad began happening to me. I also wanted a destination from the dragon so I had a “place” to travel to. Like I mentioned in my previous post, dragons like doing things on their own terms and can be very finicky.

I received acknowledgement from the dragon as I sat there meditating after my ritual. I don’t know how long I had been meditating, if the dragon had been watching and measuring my patience and dedication. The dragon agreed to keep my body and spirit safe should I drift too far, but only if I felt my projection and let myself wander as deeply as I could. It was a bit unnerving to think of allowing myself to drift and get lost in the realm, but I wasn’t going to back down after receiving a dragon’s power.

My meditation and practice of projecting seemed to go more smoothly than it had in months. My breathing and energy fell in sync quickly, my mind focused directly on my goal without distraction and before I knew it, I felt myself rising out of my body. The astral realm felt almost physical, like I jumped from one platform to another. The transition was seamless and I felt like I hadn’t projected at all.

I was told by the dragon that with its power, projection would feel as solid as the astral realm felt to it and its kind. It’s a strange sensation to feel rooted while out of your body. From there, however, the dragon wanted me to pick a direction and to “walk.” It didn’t want me to stop until I felt that I needed its help in returning.

So I walked. I don’t know how long I walked or where I was walking to, but as I did, I began to drift from feeling the cord that led back to my physical body. The longer that I walked, the less I felt any pull to return. Eventually, I lost all sensation of the physical plane and there was no “walking” anymore. I won’t even define movement as floating or flying. It felt more like pulling the horizon toward me, standing still and letting the environment move, bringing me to new locations.

I remember finding my feet again, so to speak, when everything changed to present me with a bridge. A very narrow bridge with what seemed to be an endless void beneath it. I felt like I was outside of the universe. Nothing above me, stars and galaxy clusters below. I chanced it and walked the narrow bridge, feeling lighter and lighter as I progressed.

At the end of the bridge I could see what I can best describe as a cloud. Large, consuming, translucent, but full of what I imagine was energy. Energy of everything. Every kind of energy that you could imagine was held within that cloud, I just knew it. I quickened my pace, wanting to greet this cloud of energy, to be next to it, to be inside it so that I could experience it for myself.

That’s when I felt myself getting reeled back, like I was on a zip line. I was back in my room, on the ground, still meditating. The dragon was still with me, ready to depart. It didn’t answer any of my questions about what had happened, why I had been pulled back or where it was that I had gone to. I finally asked it about the cloud and all it told me was that I am not yet ready to meet the cloud and that I wouldn’t want to at this point in my journey.

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