Mar 21, 2016

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Calling Down Dragons

Astral projection means a lot to my spiritual exploration and growth. Meditating and using my spiritual energy in an immaterial way has brought me closer to enlightenment than anything else I’ve tried practicing in my youth. It is my path wholly.

Every path has their protective entities that guard over them as they practice their craft. Whether they are angels, faeries, daemons or any brand of spirit, we all share the protection of guardians. I have always enjoyed exploring these other paths and learning about the spirits that protect and guide their practitioners. It’s an amazing practice to open yourself to paths that aren’t your own to see how others believe and what they follow.

In a kind of reversal, I want to share the spirits that guide me in my astral projection with you all. These entities have different names based on the level of power that they lend to their callers. The ones I have asked most commonly asked for help are the dragon entities. These entities hardly ever look like actual dragons, however. They’re called dragons because they embody the same sheer strength of physical and mystical power that dragons have. These entities are among the strongest astral beings that you could possibly call to you for aid and they’re every bit as finicky as dragons in myth.

Varna Dragons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Varna Dragons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


These powerful spiritual beings don’t always enjoy helping others, instead preferring to spend time with their peers. There are ways for us to attract these entities and the vary ritual to ritual, same as calling any being. Attracting dragons, however, does not mean that the dragon will help you or even acknowledge you. It may take many rituals and changing your approach to have a dragon offer its help to you. Everything a dragon does will be on its terms, but with proper respect and the right rituals, they may be more willing than other dragons to lend power.

I have known people who claimed to call upon dragons in times of crisis or when they need something to give them strength through a difficult moment in life. These people claim that they have bonded with the dragon since first meeting it and in times of hardship, they have been powerful allies.

I have called on dragons to aid me in furthering my astral projection and exploring more of the realm. As a human, I can only progress so far in a vast realm that would take many more life times than I have to explore it. I’ve used this reasoning with my dragon companion as a way to see and do more in its realm of power.

In my next post, I’ll share my story on how I called down a dragon.

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