Mar 16, 2016

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Belief as Magick IV

Harmony and alignment. (Photo credit:

Harmony and alignment. (Photo credit:

My friend may not be brand new to metaphysics and the occult, but they have kept to a small group of like-minded individuals. This new group presented ideas to an open mind that lives without these limits and takes everything to be true in one fashion or another.

The best thing for people who undergo these experiences where someone else’s power of belief infects them is to ground themselves. They need to define their boundaries and not let anything negative cross that boundary. Call it a shield, protection spell or what have you. I have found that in all cases, it’s a matter of developing inner-strength and sharpening your power of perception to recognize what may or may not benefit you.

What I do when I find myself infected with negative energy, whether they are negative feelings or negative entities, is to surround myself with things that make me feel safe. For me, this is usually nature, my garden or music. I have a few precious gifts from loved ones that help as well. By focusing on these things and meditating on the love, warmth and protection that they provide, you will find that nothing can stand up against them. Not only is this the advice I have offered to my friend, but I offer it to anyone plagued by the belief of others or beliefs that are feeding negative entities in your life. Protect yourselves with inner-strength and let go of the harmful things holding you back much like you let go of the “normal” society that finds metaphysics and the occult unbelievable.

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