Mar 14, 2016

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Belief as Magick III

Kirlian photograph of damaged energy. (Photo credit: Dr. Thelma Moss)

Kirlian photograph of damaged energy. (Photo credit: Dr. Thelma Moss)

What if you stopped limiting yourself to what you’re told and you open yourself up to the possibility that anything could be the truth? Deeper still, what if numbers don’t even exist and the idea of math is just an existential construct, a language that doesn’t follow any rules but the ones that we make up and pretend are always the case? Apply that to physics. Apply that to religion. Apply that to spirituality. We have the ability to believe in anything and that belief is the source of our magick in any practical, or impractical, application.

To bring our topic into focus, this group believed firmly that the expansion of their metaphysical powers came at a cost. They found entities, they named them and they believed in their power. This belief, solidified by the fact that they are a small group, gave rise to negative energy. To reiterate my own example, they essentially believed that they were getting sick and made themselves ill. They believed that entities were stalking them and now entities are stalking them.

Being open-minded and wanting to learn more, my friend allowed their belief to become their own. Not only that, but this new group’s belief has such tight control over them that they inflicted their magick on my friend. What could have been a simple matter of my friend feeling spooked has become much worse because of the power of belief.

I have no doubt that these practitioners could teach my friend a lot of new things, but the state that they’re in makes them a bit dangerous for less-experienced or more earnest ones. If we go back to what I said about math and the power of belief, letting go of the rules and limits found in math results only in confusion and instability. Someone could tell you that two plus two equals fifty and that fifty is really forty-five and you’d have to take their word for it because you now believe anything could be true. This is the issue new believers in metaphysics face. As we gain more experience and go through our journey, we find limits to what we will and will not pursue. We learn the boundaries of one path versus another. We protect ourselves from recklessly meddling in things we don’t fully understand.

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