Mar 9, 2016

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Belief as Magick II

Quote by Roald Dahl. (Photo credit:

Quote by Roald Dahl. (Photo credit:

I recently shared another email from one of my friends about a problem that they’re experiencing concerning other worldly forces. The gist of the email, for those of you who don’t want to read it here, was that my friend has met a new group of friends from one of their favorite metaphysical book shops. This new group has opened my friend’s eyes to a whole new side of the metaphysical realm, but make claims that they are constantly stalked by entities that have followed them for years.

My friend has taken to going on nighttime walks with his new group where they talk about these entities in addition to telling my friend that they can teach them powerful things. My friend finds their claims to be a little hokey and feel like they just have really overactive imaginations. At least until one their new friends informed them that an entity followed them home one night. My friend swears they didn’t feel anything until they were told about it and now they don’t want to be alone. They feel like they’re being followed constantly, to which this new group told my friend that they all feel that way.

I want to be clear when I say that the following is from my own belief and experiences in life. I won’t cite authors, practitioners or anyone else who have dealt with these issues.

I put a lot of emphasis on belief as the core energy used in any magick. Whether that magick is casting spells, performing rituals or even psyching yourself out into believing that you’re getting sick and then you get sick. The strength of will that comes from your sincere belief can and will trick your conscious and subconscious mind into making something real. Trick is the wrong word to use, I should say that it creates conviction. This conviction becomes a bond within ourselves and that bond becomes truth.

When we’re young, we know that adults know the mystery of numbers. We have a vague understanding. We know the names of numbers and we know that we start at one when we count. When we go to learn math, we learn the principles of addition, subtraction, groups of numbers and how numbers interact with each other. It’s drilled in us until we have a conviction that math is flawless, that numbers don’t lie to us and that two plus two always equals four. If we were told anything else, we have the power of belief on our side that they’re wrong and we’re right.

I’m going to stop us here because the next part has to do with what we do with our belief and the truths we form from it. I also want to talk about what happens when break down our barriers that limit our belief and take a leap into unexplored territory.

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