Mar 7, 2016

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Belief as Magick

I received a new email from one of my friends, asking me for help on a situation that they’re going through. As I said with my last post about an email that was sent to me, I often get asked a lot of questions or for advice on certain things in life. Most of the time, they’re simple and I have a quick answer. Other times, it takes more than surface knowledge to give the right answer. I’ve made sure that my friend was aware that I was using this email exchange for a post here and they welcomed any other opinions or advice that anyone might have on the subject.

Here’s the initial email:

“So… I’ve got a question for you. I know that so many of us always ask you about our metaphysical lives, and I’m sure it gets old, but I think you can help me find some peace here. 

So, I’ve been hanging out with this new group of friends, and they’re talking about metaphysical stuff that I’ve never even considered. I feel like maybe they’re just fooling themselves? That’s what I’m asking, I guess. I’ll tell you about them, and I want to know if you think that I should take their metaphysical stuff seriously or conclude that they just have big imaginations. 

This new group of friends, I met them at a meeting at the local meta book shop, and I’ve been taking nighttime walks with them in parks around Boulder

Bridge at night. (Photo credit:

Bridge at night. (Photo credit:


They talk about these entity creatures that have been around them for years, I guess. They’re always afraid of something/things following us on our walks, and they tell me that these creatures have names that they’re too afraid to utter. They’re terrified of this bridge that we walk past regularly and claim that they see faces in the trees. 

Despite being obviously terrified, they keep doing these nighttime walks and saying that they’re all metaphysically powerful. They keep saying that they can teach me things and that I need to start taking it all more seriously if I’m going to learn from them. I can’t help but feel, in my gut, like it’s all kinda hokey, though. 

Like, one of the guys told me he could see a spirit followed me home after our last walk. I didn’t start “feeling” it too until he said something. But…. Here’s what prompted me to email you instead of just blocking a few phone numbers and finding a new book store…. 

Now I’m actually feeling it. Like. I’m scared. I keep feeling like something is chasing me. I’m always looking behind my back. I don’t want to be alone. And when I talked to them about it, they just said that it’s basically how they always feel. Is this right? Am I scaring myself? 

I just feel like… I need help. 🙁 I don’t know what I expect you to say, but I just feel like you can help.”

I have a lot to say on both the matter of the group that my friend has been hanging out with and my friend’s own fears that something is following him. I’ll share my insights and thoughts with everyone (as well as my friend) once I reflect on this and look into the matter more intimately. Until then, as my friend told me, any help or advice would be welcome as my friend is highly concerned about their well-being.

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