Mar 4, 2016

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How Many Tarot Decks do You Need? II


Shut up and take my money! (Photo credit: Futurama)

Shut up and take my money! (Photo credit: Futurama)

Continuing from my previous post, we’re talking about the addiction of collecting tarot decks and what purpose it serves. As I’ve said, I don’t fault people for their hobbies or what they put their energy into, but I do find it interesting that people spend so much money on a highly personal tool.


If we look at tarot as an athame, a tool of the mind as opposed to a physical tool, then it becomes an even more personal resource. Athame are used in directing and channeling energy or invoking the directions, which we can relate to tarot as a directing of our own energy. More than this, though, an athame is a personal tool for the magician to gain direction and power during a ritual, much like a compass directs a traveler. We don’t use multiple athame or compasses. We generally have one, and it tends to be special to us.

As a follower of Druidry, I believe that tarot helps us to tap into our higher self, to engage our hidden minds for answers or guidance. We’re essentially communicating with the secrets that we hold deep down within ourselves and bringing them to the surface. We put ourselves in an answer-seeking state and our higher self is aware of what we need at that moment. The energy connection between our higher self and consciousness result in readings that tell us what we know deep down. For Druids, a single deck is more than enough to divine answers or direction.

Along with Druid beliefs is the principle of minimalism. We live very clutter-free lives, eschewing excess for maintaining only what’s necessary. This clean way of living prevents energy from getting muddled as well as opening my home for nature to flow freely in and out. It’s easy to shut out the elements and nature itself with an abundance of anything, so we live without so that we may experience more. I feel like my experiences in tarot readings are, in fact, more powerful with the deck that I’ve been using for several years because it’s the only one that I focus on.

Overall, I feel like having one or two special decks are more than enough to gain powerful readings from. I cherish the things that I put my energy into and, because I value these relationships, I don’t go around putting energy into everything that catches my eye. I’m selective with my emotions and power, and in turn, I receive powerful insights into things. While I do appreciate the art in different cards, I suppose I love my own cards too much to work with anything else.


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