Feb 17, 2016

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Revisiting Cheesman Park

During New Year’s Eve I visited Cheesman Park in Denver. If you remember, a couple months ago I talked about how the park has been a hot spot for supernatural activity for decades and that it’s one of my favorite places to visit during my astral meditations. Every New Year’s Ever I put all my focus into traveling there to record what I see and experience. This year went like most others, but I still enjoy the ritual that it’s come to be.

I have sat and gone over my experiences at Cheesman Park, reading what I wrote down and figuring out what my interactions meant. It’s taken a while, but I like to be thorough when sharing my experiences.


Cheesman Park. (Photo credit: Gifford Ewing)

Cheesman Park. (Photo credit: Gifford Ewing)

I began my meditation around nine in the evening. For the purpose of this meditation and projection, I unplugged all of my electronics in the house, turned off my cell phone and sat down in my bedroom with all the curtains drawn. I lit a single, unscented candle and set it off to the side where I could still see it with my peripheral vision.


After drifting from myself, I kept my location in mind, placing my intention on visiting the park. Given that I am familiar with this spot both in and out of projection, it didn’t take long for the landscape to shore up. I could see couples and groups all enjoying the night as the new year approached. It seemed like an average scene with people just having fun.

What I saw wasn’t important, however. What I felt in the park was not just the energy of celebration and happy people. I could feel silent judgement and anger mixed with remorse and fear. It was the same as last time. The same as every visit to Cheesman Park.

Despite all my efforts to engage the less hostile points of energy, I could not get any meaningful response. Whatever I attempted was met with silence.

I returned soon after midnight, hoping that a prolonged stay would encourage some kind of communication. While it may seem like I am despairing over my failed attempts to bridge astral projection with ghost hunting, it actually brought some enlightenment.

Through my years of investigating paranormal locations and trying to blend my use of astral projection, I’ve long wondered what the difference is between whatever plane that is considered paranormal and the astral plane. Do the two overlap? If they don’t, why not? What’s the difference between our astral spirits and the spirits of the dead?

I may not have found anything revealing during my time in Cheesman Park, but it’s led to some deeper questions about the number of planes that we perceive and exist on as humans.

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