Feb 15, 2016

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What Dreams Are

What's beyond the doors of dreams? (Photo credit: world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/)

What’s beyond the doors of dreams? (Photo credit: Rebecca Turner)

In addition to my own pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment, I also help friends with questions and concern about their own spirituality. I try my best to be available as a counselor and guide, as I believe what I have learned and experienced was meant to be shared with others. Most often, I give advice on small matters or help with decisions that people feel they need help in making.

My best friend, however, came to me with something a bit more complex. During our email correspondence, he told me about a dream he had last night and how it left him feeling. I understand that to a lot of people, there isn’t much to dreams. Even my own beliefs tend to yield to science and the explanation that dreams are a product of the active mind winding down and reviewing what we’ve seen and learned throughout the day. I do, however, believe that dreams can be our brain’s way of telling us something that we don’t want to consciously hear or admit to.

I like to hear about dreams and figure out, for myself, if they’re brains are processing information or if there’s something that they need to come to terms with deep down. With careful editing to protect my friend’s identity, here is his email:

“Last night, I dreamt that I awoke in a cave with six exits all around me. Through each exit, there was visible light and a feeling as though I was being beckoned through. I stood there, in the center, looking at each exit, knowing that it would change my life forever. I peeked through each exit and felt terrified by my choice.

A voice in my dream told me that my choice was important and not to be taken lightly.

Through the first door was the ocean with no land in sight. There was a man beside a boat offering to transport me somewhere.

Through the second door was a blank, white nothingness. There was no one and nothing to be seen, save for a sense of gravity.

Through the third door, there was a field of flowers with my dog playing in them. My dog looked at me and quickly ran away.

Through the fourth door, there was a great, snowy mountain with people walking down. The people waved at me, as though we were old friends.

Through the fifth door was a vast metropolis where it was obvious that no one knew me. I couldn’t understand the language.

Through the sixth, and most unsettling door, there I stood, looking back at me. It was like a mirror, but almost certainly not.

So, after looking through each door, I began to think. As I was thinking, I worried about my dog, but when I looked through the third door, he just sat there this time. Looking at me.

After what felt like hours of thought, I guess my heart and love for my dog got the best of me. I walked through the door and wanted the experience to be over.

As soon as I did, I woke drenched in sweat, my dog laying happily beside me. Do you think this means anything?

Before I even begin to comment on my friend’s dream, I would love to hear any ideas or theories. What do you think my friend’s dream meant?”

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