Feb 1, 2016

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Elemental Magick: Don’t Upset the Gnomes

Lawn Gnomes attack from Goosebumps. (Photo credit: Goosebumps movie - 2015)

Lawn Gnomes attack from Goosebumps. (Photo credit: Goosebumps movie – 2015)

Our most popular elemental spirit has been saved for last. The creatures that guard Earth by hiding in the woods, lurking around gardens and disguising themselves as the animals that they protect is the gnome. Gnomes, while popular in all generations and culture, are the unsung heroes of the land. They’re everywhere, working tirelessly to keep Earth safe and watch over those who respect Nature. These nearly invisible spirits often live deep underground where they protect all the treasures and gifts of the Earth, but sometimes they hide underneath roots or among the forest brush, making sure that we’re doing our part to keep Nature safe.

Aside from their duties to protect Nature, gnomes also have an incredible penchant for medical knowledge. Gnomes know the medicinal properties of all plant life and have been known to give aid to those with failing health. When faced with an affront, gnomes don’t hesitate to strike back against mankind with the power of landslides, earthquakes and pestilence. Normally, however, when they’re not helping us or reminding us of Nature’s fury, gnomes are often described as being melancholy and slow.

When we look to our modern history and folklore, we see aspects of gnomes in a lot of our stories. From French and German plays surrounding gnome fancy to R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps about savage garden gnomes, we have grown up knowing about the spirits of the earth. Books, movies and video games have used gnomes as centerpieces for stories or as background characters. In one way or another, all of our collective stories reflect the nature and abilities of gnomes. Even dwarves in our popular culture share characteristics similar to the gnomes, from ingenuity to living underground.

If we take a cue from our stories, we see that gnomes are often pragmatic and tireless in their duties. They’re diligent creatures that hardly complain and brush off setbacks like dust. Their perseverance is remarkable and often the source of strength in stories where the other characters feel all is lost or hopeless. A few stories even paint gnomes as the symbol of prudence and chastity, stating that in another life, gnomes were women of great moral character who now guide and protect younger women from tarnishing their reputations. In all stories, gnomes are cautious, reserved creatures that never give up no matter how much bigger a problem is compared to their stature.

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