Jan 28, 2016

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Elemental Magick: Down to Earth

Earth Sign. (Photo credit: Drawception.com)

Earth Sign. (Photo credit: Drawception.com)

The final three signs in astrology that we haven’t covered are the Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These three fall under the Earth element’s domain. Of the four elements, Earth people tend to be the most reserved and cautious. They think long and hard on their available options and what course of action to take. Their ability to reason helps them to make the most practical decisions that lead to stable outcomes. In difficult situations, Fire types will want to fight fire with fire. Water folk ebb away from confrontation to emotionally evaluate the situation. Air people might find that they’ve lost the wind beneath their wings and lose all motivation to deal with the problem at hand. Those born under Earth, however, have a stalwart disposition that enables them to persevere under trials while thinking about how to handle a negative and turn it into a positive.

Earthy people have a reputation for being the person you turn to when you’re having a problem that you can’t fix on your own. Not only are they dependable friends that you can rely on, but they seem to have the most common sense of any element. They give advice based on what’s genuinely good for you and your health, not what would make you happy or what would allow to pursue some course of action that might endanger your well-being in the process. So while the other elements may seek some ephemeral, spiritual adventure, the Earth element tries to keep you, well, down to earth. It’s not a bad thing by far. With three elemental signs pushing to reach intangible goals, it’s nice having that one practical person reminding you to stay grounded and realistic.

Where the Earth type struggles is in their perception of life. They have a tendency to reduce everything to its basic value. They’re needs vs. wants kind of people. If it serves a specific purpose and it makes sense to have it, they keep it. If it’s just something superfluous and “neat”, they tend to not get excited. Rather than personality and emotional fortitude, Earth types place more value on skills and abilities in people.

Balance is met with an Earth type having friends of the other signs around them. Too much alone time or time spent in a daily grind without variation will push the Earth signs to forget their imagination and cling to rules and procedures. When you have innovative, adventure-seeking Fire folk chomping at the bit for action, you bring that imagination back to life. The well-balanced Water kin will remind the Earth sign to take the time to reflect on their emotional health and doing what’s good for the heart. The artsy Wind person will get their Earth friend to take time off to go cloud watching or enjoy the beauty of art and creation.

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