Jan 25, 2016

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Elemental Magick: Let’s Get Acquainted with the Earth


Earth symbol according to the Classical Elements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earth symbol according to the Classical Elements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The final classical element that remains is the element of Earth. This element is an all-encompassing concept that many other cultures break down into more specific elements such as wood, ground, rock or another aspect of the Earth. For the classical elements, however, Earth represents everything from our birth to our death. The land we live on has been around since its formation and it will continue to be its own entity until the end of time. The forests and life present on Earth grew from the ground and will return to the ground at the end of their cycle. It doesn’t matter how you cut it, all elements and forms of life are tied intimately to the Earth.


It makes perfect sense that the Earth element embodies the aspects of regeneration, renewal and substance. Like water, we can use all five senses to experience the Earth. Whereas we use water to replenish and nourish ourselves in physical and spiritual ways, it’s the Earth that we use to grow food, to build homes for protection and element where the other elements can manifest their energy.

Earth is among one the oldest recognized elements in every religion and myth. In Christianity, man was brought to formation through dirt. Likewise, in Jewish folklore, the Golem is a man-made guardian that is formed from clay. The same is said of all creation in Greek myth, with Prometheus creating man from mud along with other creatures. In contrast, death is represented by ash and dust. Such as the Christian Bible stating “from the dust of the earth you were and to dust so shall you return.” The band Kansas popularized the saying “all we are is dust in the wind.” In more modern myth, vampires are reduced to ash in the light of the sun. From old testament to monster myth to classic rock, the Earth element is recognized for its part in the beginning and end of all life.

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