Jan 19, 2016

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The Faeries’ Oracle: Tobaira of the Waters

Tobaira of the Waters. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

Tobaira of the Waters. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

This is Tobaira of the Waters. She and her helpers make it their work to purify the faery waters that help us to remain calm and rejuvenate us. The book makes mention of healing springs and wells found throughout the world that provide aid to us in different ways. Through our persistent culture of disbelief and need to civilize the whole world, however, these wells become poisoned and diluted. This means more work for Tobaira and her friends. Still, they work tirelessly and manage to maintain their cheery moods as they continue to make sure that we are given the true sustenance that we require.

These wells aren’t always physical. The book likens our emotions to these faery waters, such as our well of forgiveness, tears and how our body uses fluids to carry nutrients throughout our body. The book encourages us to help Tobaira and the fae in keeping these waters pure and readily available to those who need them. The suggestion here is for us to make it a point to remain optimistic and shower a little happiness on everyone that we meet. It may be difficult, but think of how Tobaira and the other fae have to purify the faery waters all over the world. It should be easy for us to do what little we can around us.

Of course, there are actual healing springs and magickal fountains. The book mentions two: The Hippocrene fountain found on Mount Helicon that bestows mastery over poetic form and the Scottish fountain of youth found on a magical island. These are special waters guarded by Tobaira where, if you do manage to find them, you may not experience their beneficial effects if she doesn’t want to share them with you. For the Hippocrene fountain, poetic inspiration comes with three great swallows from the water, but the intoxicating nature of the fountain forces most travelers to take a single sip before staggering away. Tricks like these are the faeries’ way of telling us to calm down, cool off and try again once we’re emotionally ready.

Tobaira also reminds us personally that water is ever-flowing and ever-changing. Considering Tobaira is closely related to our emotions and well-being, particularly what keeps us healthy and happy, I see it as not allowing any change in life to get the better of me. Whatever changes in life, Tobaira tries to help us keep in mind that we always have a choice in how we react to it. Again, it’s difficult to remain positive in every situation, but that’s why it’s Tobaira giving us the advice. She and her faeries have a difficult job that requires a sunny disposition and if they can do it, so can we.

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