Jan 18, 2016

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The Faeries’ Oracle: Chasing the Fae

The Topsy Turvies card back. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

The Topsy Turvies card back. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

I thought that this week I would begin with my next one-card reading from the Faeries’ Oracle deck. I’ve spent most of the weekend meditating on the water element and how I can continue to apply the aspects that I admire in water to my own personality. So this weekend I was pleasantly surprised by the card I drew when I communicated to my deck.

While I haven’t had any actual encounters with the Fae in a tangible sense, I feel that the effort I’ve put into expressing my earnest desire to know them has led to a lot of spiritual developments. My goal is still to explore the deck and hope for something visible or physical, but for now, I am enjoying the coincidences and spiritual direction that I am receiving.

Part of my intrigue with this deck is how versatile and open to interpretation the cards are. They set out the personality of the Fae in each card and from there they encourage you to find your own meaning in it. They provide a little background on the Faery that you draw, but how it impacts your life is up to you. So far, each card has meant something to me in one way or another. Whether it’s my core personality, events in my life or how the world affects me emotionally. It has been a wonderful journey so far and I’m eager to see what else the Fae have in store for me.

I don’t want to give away which card I drew, but it happily coincides with our discussion of the water element.

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