Jan 5, 2016

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Elemental Magick: The Fire Folk


Symbol representing the Fire Element. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Symbol representing the Fire Element. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For centuries we have had stories and myths that center around fire. It’s one of the single-most important elements to human society because while it’s one of the most dangerous, we have found ways to wield it. One of the greatest myths involving fire is the Greek story where Prometheus infiltrated Olympus to steal fire from the Gods so that he could bring light and heat to mankind. He was punished for this act by being bound to a boulder where a griffon-vulture pecked and ate at him for eternity. It wasn’t just because he trespassed into Olympus or stole from Zeus, but because Zeus had deemed man unworthy of fire. Fire belonged to the Gods and Prometheus overstepped his boundaries in revealing it to mankind.


With all the stories we have concerning fire, it’s easy to see how we get the traits that define a fiery personality. In astrology Fire governs the Aries, Leo and Sagittarius signs. These signs are indeed fiery as they are wildly charming individuals who love being active and having fun. Fire signs also tend to be mischievous, excitable and burn through emotions quickly before igniting new feelings just as rapidly. Just like their element, these Fire folk are bright, warm and work tirelessly at whatever they do. Whereas the Air strokes us with creativity and imagination, Fire encourages us and cheers us to go at it with enthusiasm and abandon. While most people are taking their time with whatever they’re focused on, Fire folk get things done twice as quickly and jump to the next item on their list for as long as their attention span will last.

In relation to fire, these people can also burn us with their powerful emotions if we get too close or smother them. Much like fire consumes oxygen and hungers for room to spread and expand, Fire folk also fill their plates with activity and projects, live with intensity and eventually burn out in some areas of their life as they suffocate themselves. Emotionally, those under the Fire sign can be jealous and forceful. They feel things intensely and it’s easy for them to feel like everyone is dull and aloof by comparison. This may cause lots of sparked anger, but Fire folk tend to fizzle out just as swiftly.

If you’re of the Fire element, then we thank you for your bright ideas, warm hearts and fiery passion. If you know someone who’s under one of the Fire signs, go out of your comfort zone a little and have a totally spontaneous day with them to show your appreciation.

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