Jan 4, 2016

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Meet the Fire Element

Symbol representing the Fire Element. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Symbol representing the Fire Element. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago I started a series of posts on the Air element and how it breathes life into every culture. I touched briefly on some of the cultures and how they involve Air in their practices and beliefs. I thought it would be an interesting study if I refreshed my knowledge on the other elements and shared the basic insights with you all as a way to remain mindful on these ancient sources of magick.

It’s winter and we’re all chilly so let’s get cozy with the Fire element this week. If Air is the breath of life, Fire is the spark that it ignites. It’s the smoldering coals deep within our core that light up and roar when we become passionate and zealous. We may breathe the Air, but Fire restores and energizes our spirit. Fire represents our emotions (especially temper), purity and transformation as well as our blood.

When used in Green Magick, Fire will give us a boon to our rituals and spells. Fire shows our earnestness in communicating with the Spirit world and can help us to concentrate and focus our intent. The element of Fire corresponds to the South and when used in Wiccan altar rituals, it is represented by candle or wand. For the Green witch, Fire is to be respected and feared in a reverential aspect. We have learned to use fire to our benefit and for our enjoyment, but it can still raze a city to the ground or destroy an entire ecological system with a devastating forest fire.

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