Dec 25, 2015

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The Faeries’ Oracle – Getting to Know Your Deck

The Topsy Turvies card back. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

The Topsy Turvies card back. (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

People form a strong bond with their tarot decks. They take the time to meditate and analyze each card, really connecting with it so that their readings are organic and natural. I’m the same way. I only get tarot decks that I have an affinity for, decks that I connect to at first sight or by some other intangible, yet powerful, emotion. With the Faeries’ Oracle deck, they provide helpful rituals for connecting with the Faery and your deck.

I’ve spent my evenings practicing these little rituals and have met with increasing success since I received the book over the weekend. After revealing my initial three cards, I decided on the method I would use to connect with the Faery for each individual card. The book references a different take on single-card readings, where you pick a card and ask “what do I have to say to you today?” to open a dialogue between you and the Faery.

A dialogue between the Faery doesn’t normally involve sitting down for tea and conversation. It involves quiet and subtle messages that need to be felt in order to be understood. Sometimes they’re just vague images or sounds that only you can hear that lead you to conclusions or insight. Last night, I took my first step in this process and drew a pretty heavy card right off the bat. Not only that, it was reversed.

Tomorrow I will reveal the conversation I had with the first Faery.

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