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Full Moon Magic – Christmas Edition


1st Moon after Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice Луна_2007_4425 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the first time since 1977, there will be a full moon on December 25th. Because this particular full moon happens so close to the winter solstice, it will be visible above the horizon for an extended period of time – from dusk to dawn, in fact. Doubtless this is why Native Americans named the December full moon the Long Night Moon. Such a moon provides an ample opportunity for a great deal of full moon magic.

Full moon magic is the magic of empowering, culmination, invocation, and protection. If you have magical tools that need to be consecrated, the full moon is the perfect time to do so. Leaving moonstones where the light of the full moon can shine upon them is a great way to give them an extra “charge”. One of the most effective ways to utilize the power of the moon is to begin a working at the new moon, and bring it to its completion at the full moon. Such spells take advantage of the natural magical tides.  Of course, the full moon is an exceedingly appropriate time to appeal to the Mother Goddess. It is also the most powerful time for the kind of invocations that draw situations to you, or protect friends or loved ones.

According to NASA, a full moon on Christmas day is not expected to occur again until 2034. Given how important Christmas Day is to Christians, and how many Christians there are in the world, the energy surrounding this full moon is likely to be heightened. What an excellent time, then, to give the world a push in the right direction. There is a lot of talk about “peace on earth and good will towards men” at Christmas. Perhaps a Christmas full moon ritual might include a supplication for peace on earth and good will towards women as well. After all, a civilization that relegates half its population to subordinate status, at best, is a civilization dangerously out of balance – if it truly can be called a civilization. Or, maybe a Christmas full moon ritual might concentrate only on the good will. There is so much hate being spoken right now by so many of those who celebrate this holiday. It might just be that one more magical practitioner invoking for peace can, like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, topple the war machine. It’s certainly worth a try.

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