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The Faeries Oracle – The Rarr



The Rarr (Photo credit: Brian Froud)

I have one last card to reveal as I conclude my introductory reading to Brian Froud’s Faeries Oracle. Afterward, I will go through each individual card and attempt to connect to the Fae. I would like to go through each card in the deck and see if I make contact with the Fae, letting you all know about the encounters through updates. I think it would be an interesting series of posts as I try to get in touch with creatures I have only had loose contact with throughout my life.


On the first day, I revealed Honesty, the card I felt most appeal towards. As I had said, honesty is something I value in myself and in others. I try to be honest in all my dealings. The card itself was also beautifully illustrated. It may be because Brian Froud is a wonderful artist or that I’m a sucker for expressionist work.

Yesterday I drew the Soul Shrinker, my “unpleasant” card. I only felt a distaste for it as out of the entire deck, this one seems dull. I can still appreciate the art and the tone Froud was aiming for, but when you go through an entire deck of vibrant and loud cards, the Soul Shrinker seems out of place. I ultimately felt like perhaps that was the point, that the Soul Shrinker is a Faery on his own, in his own world without the other Fae around him. He seems like a lonely sort of card.

Today’s card is meant to be a message from my higher self. To obtain this card, I had to spread the deck and make sure I could feasibly draw any of the 66 cards. With the cards spread, I had to close my eyes and let my mind wander as I meditated. For me, meditation is as easy as breathing. I have been in touch with my higher self frequently throughout my life so reaching that point came quickly. I let myself sink into my meditation and began letting my hands wander over the cards.

When I felt that intangible tug, I spent another few minutes checking with myself to make sure what I was about to choose was truly a card based on intuition and energy. I opened my eyes, flipped the card and revealed the Rarr.

The Rarr is an interesting card. It differs from the other by not depicting a Faery per se. All the cards have shown small human-like creatures playing and dancing or lounging with other Fae. There are 14 cards with no shape or form to them except through vague means. They resemble Rorschach tests in bright color. So what makes the Rarr stand out? This Faery just screams pure energy to me. It’s a floating ball of light with wings to guide itself, but there are no eyes or ears for direction. To me, it almost resembles the creatures we’ve found at the bottom of the ocean, floating along with the current while emitting bioluminescence in the pitch black of the sea.

The Rarr seems almost directionless, as though it goes wherever it pleases and doesn’t worry about what situation it ends up in. There’s something whimsical about this card that I greatly enjoy. I’m curious as to what my higher self is trying to tell me through this card and I’m excited to see what it means when I get there.

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