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12/18/2015 FREE MASS SESSION: Zodiac Gates Ritual


Telescope and night sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Link to the recorded ritual can be found here.

In preparation for our Yule Ritual Working to start on the 19th, we will be doing a free mass ritual session on the evening of 12/18 at 11pm EST.  We will be attempting to broadcast the ritual live on our You Tube Channel, hopefully the technical issues will be worked out by then.

If you wish to participate, please comment on our Facebook page post with your request. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can always contact us via our contact us form at the top of the page. Instructions will be listed below.

The Zodiac Gates ritual is one that is performed to invoke the energies of the celestial spheres. It is primarily a path walking ritual, where the gates are opened, and then astral the paths of the zodiac is walked. During the ritual, each zodiac gate guardian is invoked to manifestation and permission to walk through the astral path is granted.

Along the path, celestial energies are petitioned for requests – each aspect of the Zodiac bestows a different blessing and energy. The petitions are written down on virgin parchment with sacred ink, and then offered to the zodiac energy along with a special blend of incense and offerings. Meditation on the energies and listening to the responses is then performed so that individuals with specific intents can be notified of the responses.

After the path has been walked, the next gate is opened and proceeded through the gates in the sequential fashion listed below. Once all paths are opened and energies petitioned, a final offering is given to the energies and the gates, the gates are closed, and the ritual concludes.

A list of the energies and their correspondences are given below.

English: India Gate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you wish to participate please follow the instructions below:

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them via Facebook or on our new Forums.

Also, please feel free to share this ritual with anyone you feel will benefit from it’s service.


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