Dec 17, 2015

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12/18/2015 FREE MASS SESSION: Zodiac Gates Ritual

Telescope and night sky

Telescope and night sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Link to the recorded ritual can be found here.

In preparation for our Yule Ritual Working to start on the 19th, we will be doing a free mass ritual session on the evening of 12/18 at 11pm EST.  We will be attempting to broadcast the ritual live on our You Tube Channel, hopefully the technical issues will be worked out by then.

If you wish to participate, please comment on our Facebook page post with your request. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can always contact us via our contact us form at the top of the page. Instructions will be listed below.

The Zodiac Gates ritual is one that is performed to invoke the energies of the celestial spheres. It is primarily a path walking ritual, where the gates are opened, and then astral the paths of the zodiac is walked. During the ritual, each zodiac gate guardian is invoked to manifestation and permission to walk through the astral path is granted.

Along the path, celestial energies are petitioned for requests – each aspect of the Zodiac bestows a different blessing and energy. The petitions are written down on virgin parchment with sacred ink, and then offered to the zodiac energy along with a special blend of incense and offerings. Meditation on the energies and listening to the responses is then performed so that individuals with specific intents can be notified of the responses.

After the path has been walked, the next gate is opened and proceeded through the gates in the sequential fashion listed below. Once all paths are opened and energies petitioned, a final offering is given to the energies and the gates, the gates are closed, and the ritual concludes.

A list of the energies and their correspondences are given below.

English: India Gate

English: India Gate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Ares – Motivation, passion, personal energy
  • Taurus – Commitment, finances, pleasure
  • Gemini – Communication, study
  • Cancer – Self-control, family
  • Leo – Pride, creativity
  • Virgo – Mental clarity, job success
  • Libra – Love, justice, balance
  • Scorpio – Passion, willpower, transformation
  • Sagittarius – Wisdom, psychic ability
  • Capricorn – Conquering fear, determination
  • Aquarius – Inspiration, peace
  • Pisces – Imagination, emotional energy
  • Ophiuchus – Good Luck, Health, and Magickal Ability

If you wish to participate please follow the instructions below:

  • Find a stone to use as your focus and talisman.
    • On this stone, write your initials, a sigil, or something meaningful for you during this ritual.
  • Write down your specific issues you wish to address during this ritual – this must be written down on a sheet (or sheets) of paper specific for this purpose (don’t write on the back of a bill, use a clean/new sheet of paper). Try to keep it relatively small as you will need to burn it later.
    • This could be a single issue, or it could relate to multiple issues. You have the opportunity to address up to 13 issues during this ritual. Be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE.
    • For example if you are facing financial hardships, you would write down: Taurus – I will receive $500 by December 25,2015 so that I can buy a present for my ailing mother.
  • Post your request to participate on the Spell Hub Facebook page under the post for the ritual announcement.
    • Please post the names of the energies that you are requesting – e.g. Taurus, and Scorpio, All, etc…
    • If you wish to remain anonymous, you may message us through our Facebook page, or you can contact us through our contact-us page.
  • If you wish for an even more focused ritual energy, please send us via our contact page or through a message via Facebook the following information
    • Your Name, Your current location, Your DOB, and a link to a recent photograph of yourself
  • The night of the ritual either meditate on the Zodiac energies you are requesting assistance from, along with the intents you are requesting, or tune into our live broadcast of the ritual via our You Tube Page.
    • Make sure you have your paper with your intentions and stone on your person during this time period.
  • For the next 13 days you will need to keep the piece of paper you wrote on your person at all times (or as much as possible) along with the talisman stone.
    • Many people carry it around in a special pouch around their neck (medicine pouch), or they put it in a wallet or purse.
    • Many people also find that placing it under their pillow at night helps them to connect to the energies.
    • Every day you should spend some time reflecting on the goals and energies and use the stone as a focus for this meditation.
  • On the evening of the 13th day (January 5th, 2016), you will perform a little personal ritual.
    • Meditate one last time on the paper and the energies.
    • Burn the paper, and pass the stone through the rising smoke.
    • This signifies your acceptance of the energies and allowing them to work through you to help you with your intentions.
  • You can now carry around the stone as a reminder and focus of the energies, or keep it in a special place to use whenever you need a boost of energies.
  • REMEMBER: It will be up to you to utilize these new energies to your benefit. The energies are like a supercharged Porsche 911. If you need to go to the grocery store, you can do it very fast driving the car, but if you leave the car in the garage and complain about getting to the grocery store, you only have yourself to blame. The energies will work to your benefit and put things in motion, but it will be up to you to ensure you are allowing the manifest to their fullest potential. Be open to new experiences and opportunities and let the energies help in your lives.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them via Facebook or on our new Forums.

Also, please feel free to share this ritual with anyone you feel will benefit from it’s service.


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