Dec 16, 2015

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Baal Kadmon’s “The Daemonic Companion”

daemonic companionIn the book The Daemonic Companion: Creating Daemonic Entities To Do Your Will, author and renowned occult practitioner, Baal Kadmon, discloses his secrets to creating daemons to do your bidding. The daemons that are represented in this book are not the dark spirits that are well known in Western culture. Instead this text refers to the semi-divine daemon (or daimon) spirits of ancient Greek mythology. These entities are not necessarily evil, although some are capable of being malevolent, and they are neither Gods nor Angels. Daemons are simply another class of primordial being that are sometimes thought of as a form of spiritual familiar that can attach themselves to humans. Western culture has no tradition that is equivalent to the concept of daemons. Kadmon finds the closest comparison to be the Djinn of Arabic folklore.

The Daemonic Companion focuses primarily on two separate and distinct classes of daemon. There are daemons that are considered to be “good”, benevolent spirits and are called eudaimon, meaning “noble in spirit”. There is also a class of daemon that are considered to be “bad”, evil spirits. They are known as kakodaimon, which translates to “malevolent spirit”. In the text, Kadmon is careful to explain the differences between the two classes of daemon.

Eudaimons are thought to be excellent counselors and spirit guides. In ancient mythology, they were associated primarily with protecting vineyards and grain fields but were also considered to be companion spirits. The person fortunate enough to have an eudaimon spirit was bestowed with wisdom and good luck. A person who had an eudaimon was said to have achieved happiness or “good spiritedness”, and families would give offerings to their eudaimon spirit before each meal. The Daemonic Companion calls on and creates eudaimon to help achieve protection, love, and wealth.

The “evil spirit”, or kakodaimon, is thought to be a shape-shifter that has the power to infiltrate dreams or to cause nightmares. It is also considered possible for the kakodaimon to possess someone they become attached to. In ancient times, the kakodaimon was used to cause others misfortune. However, they were commonly known to deceive the person they were attached to, as well. Once a kakodaimon is created, The Daemonic Companion claims they may be used for whatever dark ritual you choose. The book, however, specifically uses the kakodaimon to help you with subjugating your enemies, binding others to your will, and creating storms.

The importance of making an offering to your daemons, whether they are eudiamon or kakodaimon, is strongly enforced by Kadmon. The spirits are explained to be “give and take” energies. Therefore, for them to give you something, they will expect something in return. Since blood sacrifices are no longer acceptable, a kakodaimon will accept an offering that was once alive (such as a piece of meat) or has the potential for life (such as an egg). Eudaimons are a bit simpler, accepting a single flower as an offering.

Other than the offering, The Daemonic Companion suggests that you use a few simple items, like incense and candles, to complete the ritual. It is common for Baal Kadmon to teach very simplistic rituals, as he believes that overly complex methods of magick are unnecessary. The Daemonic Companion is a very basic text that will teach you to invoke daemons with easy to perform rituals. Kadmon assures his readers that elaborate magick is not important for beneficial gain.

The Daemonic Companion: Creating Daemonic Entities to Do Your Will

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