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Baal Kadmon’s “Seed Mantra Magick”


The Sanskrit word mantra is literally translated to mean “instrument of thought” or “tool of the mind”. The first mantras recorded in history were thought to be composed by Hindus in the Vedic period and are over 3000 years old. While mantras are commonly used in Hinduism and Buddhism, it is believed that they are not unique to these religions. Similar concepts and competitions have been developed by Asian and Western cultures, as well.

Though scholars have long disagreed over the specific definition of the term mantra, it is generally thought to be a sacred utterance, or group of words or syllables, that some believe to have spiritual or psychological power. In his book Seed Mantra Magic, occult author and practitioner, Baal Kadmon, calls upon the power of sacred mantras to aid in his magickal practices and teachings.

Kadmon explains in his text that some schools of thought assign specific meaning to mantras while others believe mantras are simply used to invoke certain energy and have no translatable meaning. The latter ideology is taught by Kadmon, as Seed Mantras are used in his book to tap into the universe’s root powers. Seed Mantras, or Bija/Beej Mantras, are root sounds from the Sanskrit language and are thought to be the primordial energetic sounds at the core of the entire universe. These energies are not inherently “good” or “evil”, but instead merely energies waiting to be guided by humans, according to Kadmon
Known in the world of the occult for his no-frills, straightforward teaching style, in Seed Mantra Magick, Baal Kadmon details the twelve Seed Mantras in his own very simplistic way. He explains that the mantras can be used for everything from expanding your brain into a more creative state to reshaping how you attract and manage prosperity. Though very specific uses are outlined in the book, the mantras may also be used in all areas of your life.

The book’s rituals are simplistic and can be performed with very few basic items, including candles, incense, and Tibetan Buddhist meditation beads (which can be purchased or made at home). Along with explaining each ritual step-by-step, Kadmon introduces the concept of Siddhi. Siddhi is Sanskrit for “perfection”, and is a way of embodying the energy of a mantra. Kadmon details how one can achieve Siddhi and by doing so enhance their magickal abilities.

Seed Mantra Magick is just one of several books by Baal Kadmon that enlightens readers to the power and influence of mantras. If you are interesting in enhancing your magickal abilities or just increasing your knowledge of occult practices, I highly recommend reading the mantras taught in Baal Kadmon’s books. Through his minimalistic and easy to learn rituals, the magick of mantras just might have the power to change your life.

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