Dec 12, 2015

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12/12/2015 Ritual of the Three Kings Results

Reliquary with the journey of the Three Wise M...

Reliquary of the Three Wise Men  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night (12/11) at 11PM EST we performed the ritual of The Three Kings. We had a great turnout for our first public ritual – 47 petitioners had asked for the energies of the ritual and we individually petitioned and summoned the energies for each of their requests.

During the ritual, we wrote down everyone’s name and their requests in sacred ink on virgin parchment and energized each request while meditating on the image of the petitioner. After the ritual invocations and calling down and pulling up the powers, we gave three offerings to the three kings to request their blessings and energies, as well as requesting their assistance in completing the ritual this evening.

We were blessed by the three kings, as a strong gust of wind came and encircled the ritual space.  After the energy currents had settled we had discovered that three feathers had landed upon our altar. We welcomed the three kings to our ritual, and gave thanks for their acceptance and assistance.

We then meditated on each individual request, and then offered the request, along with an additional offering of powdered gold, frankincense, and myrrh into the fires letting the smoke and energy rise, allowing the three kings to give their assistance and energies to the petitioners.  During the ritual, some of the request papers would not burn, and we have been in contact with the individuals to let them know that the three kings did not accept their request. Other requests burned more brightly than others, signifying a stronger energy blessing from the three kings.

We also received messages from the three kings, and have communicated those messages to the individuals involved.

Now that the ritual has been completed, it is important that you continue to carry around the sheet of paper with your goals on it – keep it on your person at all times, and spend some time every day focusing on the goals and feel how the energies are working in your favor. On the evening of the 18th, it is important to burn the paper to signify your acceptance of the energies and their assistance they will provide in your life going forward.

Please note, that the energies will help put things in motion to assist you with your goals – but it will be up to you to both recognize these energies, as well as work with them to ensure that the energies are working to their fullest potential. You may be presented with new opportunities, or drastic changes – but note that these energies are working in your favor. If you accept them and continue to focus on the energies and your goals, you should start to see success start to manifest itself.

If you stop looking for the signs, stop focusing on your goals, or stop working towards the goals, the energies will continue to work in your favor, but the results will be greatly reduced, or even blocked.

I thank everyone for their participation in our first public ritual, and am looking forward to more successful rituals in the future.

Many Blessings,

Master Kenpodragon and Spell Hub

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