Dec 10, 2015

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11/11 Ritual of the Three Kings (Free Ritual Session)

English: Map of Juan de la Cosa, 1500. Detail:...

the Biblical Magi or Three Wise Men in Asia.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every New Moon is a chance to start new goals. You can use this energy to help achieve your goals and start new processes.

We are doing a ritual of the three kings. This ritual will take place on the 11th of December at around 11 pm EST. The 11th of December is a new moon and a time for new beginnings. It is also the holy day of Agonalia where sacrifices were given to the king of kings. This ritual is designed to help you focus on your goals and remove any issues you are having.

If you would like to be included

For the ritual we need to know the following. Please send us this information either via our facebook page ( or via our contact us page.

  1. What are your top three goals – be as specific as possible.
  2. Your name, date of birth, and current location.
  3. A recent photograph of you against a white background.

This ritual is designed to bring the target wisdom, prosperity, and health – in honor of the 3 magi present at the birth of Jesus the Christ. The offerings of gold, frankincense, and myrrh are given above the sacrificial offering on the altar.

It will help to break any blockages you have to attaining your goal, and give you positive energies to help you attain your desired outcomes. In preparation for the ritual on the 11th, it is recommended that you abstain from all meat, alcohol, and sexual activity for 7 days prior to the ritual.

You should also write down your top three goals on a piece of paper to carry with you as an energized relic after the ritual is completed.

You should fast on the day of the ritual. The fasting helps you to ensure your energies are ready to receive the infused energies from the rite. You don’t need to fast if you aren’t able to, but it is highly recommended. It is just not eating during the day. You can still drink liquids however.

The night of the ritual you wash yourself with water from a natural source – river, lake, pond, rain water, etc… If you do not have access to a natural source, you can take any water and let it sit outside for 24 hours to allow it to be charged with the energies of nature.

During the time of the casting of the ritual, it is recommended that you meditate on your written goals and envision three glowing orbs surrounding your body bringing you the gifts you are seeking. You should write your experiences from the ritual to keep track of any progress you make after the ritual is performed.

Keep the paper with your goals on it on your person for the next 7 days, then burn the paper the night of the 7th to seal the energies and set everything in motion. Although this ritual will set in motion energies to help you obtain your goals, you will need to work with the energies and renew your efforts to focus on your goals. Look for new opportunities in the following weeks to showcase your talents and see where the energies lead you.

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