Dec 7, 2015

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Elemental Magick: The Air Wants to Know What Your Sign is

Air Element Symbol (Photo credit: altreligion)

Air Element Symbol (Photo credit: altreligion)

I thought for my next reflection on Air in relation to elemental magick that I would relate the element to our Western astrology signs. Using the elements with astrology seems like a basic step, but a necessary one all the same. Figuring out your sign and how it relates in all areas spiritual and otherwise helps us to learn, not only about ourselves, but also the roles we play. For those who want a deeper insight into their sign rather than just loosely knowing the attributes, this post is for you.

Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are all ruled by Air, which greatly explains their love of freedom and communication. Air folk also enjoy analyzing and theorizing situations, showing the Air’s quality of creative expression. With their deeply pensive minds, those under the realm of Air rely on their ability to rationalize rather than allow intuition or emotion to rule them. To someone from the Air, they can deal with any hardship or turnaround as long as they can rationalize and break down the situation.

Justice, truth and equality are strong traits in the Air folk, which make them excellent leaders as they put fairness and honesty above all else. Great leaders come from good learners and with their curiosity, Air folk are eternal students who never take their knowledge for granted.

As with all astrology, you have your positive traits and your negative traits. For Air folk, they set their standards so high because that’s how they function in life. Unfortunately for their friends and family, those under the Air hold them to the same standards and tend to get frustrated when others fall short. Air folk don’t understand what’s so hard about operating at the same level that they do. Another negative trait that hurts the Air signs is their tendency to rationalize mistakes rather than learn from them, making them prone to repeated failures or bad relations with others. In close, personal situations, people experience the Air folk’s indecisive nature and that an abstract idea is better than a traditional one, making them difficult people to work with.

When you break it down, you can see how the Air relates to these three signs. They can be stalwart and guiding like a sea breeze. They enjoy their freedom and time to think and be proactive rather than reactive like a gentle gale. But they can also be flippant and inconsiderate like a sudden gust.

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