Dec 5, 2015

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Elemental Magick: Air

Air Element Symbol (Photo credit: altreligion)

Air Element Symbol (Photo credit: altreligion)

December means winter is on the horizon. With it comes the cold, snow and wind. While I particularly don’t love winter for its chilly weather, I can still appreciate the magic it holds for us. I noticed during my morning meditations how windy it was. It steered my mind toward the Air elementals. I meditated to the sound of the wailing wind through the trees around my house and how air is our subtle bridge between the physical and spiritual planes. Not today, though, today the wind is anything but subtle, which is why I felt the need to put all my focus on listening and heeding the wind.

So for my post today, I want to bring attention to the Air elementals and how important they are to our practices from the East to the West. All of our thoughts and developments stem from the blowing wind as it carries them to the spiritual plane from the physical. Air also represents our intellect, creative imagination and brings us new beginnings. Air carries our magick to the ears of the God and Goddess so that we may be heard.

Air correlates with Traditional Chinese Medicine as well. Those who study and practice TCM will tell you that Air is comparable to Yang, the fiery energy that gives life and spirit to all living things. The Air elemental shows its benevolence in our whispers, the songs we sing, how we breathe during meditation and breathing during childbirth to alleviate pain. The Air gives us vitality and heals us.

The Air can also be destructive and relentless, take tornadoes for example. Air also overtly influences us. Think of the Santa Ana winds and how they change people’s attitudes. In the Mediterranean we have the Scirocco winds as well. The Air will also fan wild fires, which may seem devastating, but is all part of the natural cycle for forest regrowth. The Air should not be taken for granted or mocked.

After writing this, I feel charged by the topic. I will delve into more studies and meditations on the element. Expect some more insights and rituals about the element of Air.

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