Dec 4, 2015

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The Newest and Online Oracle

Today I would like to announce the completed development of the spell hub oracle platform. This platform is free for anyone to use and currently provides both a yi-ching reading and tarot card mini spread.

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Spell Hub Oracle Platform (also available as a link at the top of the site).

The system is unique in many ways, most notably that it uses a proprietary random number generator which takes into account the vast array of energy sources around the world to provide the most accurate and most responsive oracle.

The combination of all these factors ensures that the readings that you request are truly in tune with the spiritual consciousness of the universe at the time of asking.

I imagine that there will be some bugs in the system which will work themselves out over the next several weeks, so please provide any feedback about the tool so we can better improve your experience.

In the future we are planning on expanding this out to also include runic readings, gematria, numerology and astrological readings.  Please enjoy this new free service and let us know what you think about the service in the comments below.

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